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XLReporter  v.8 6

The automation interface provided by SyTech enables Excel to be used in more niche markets that require automated and unattended operation.

This is an example of how Microsoft Office applications can solve critical business problems ...

CenterONE  v.3.77.233

Main features:

MCC Structure and Unit Design
- Define global MCC variables
- Create new units/sections
- Display unit data in three convenient views
- Unit-Data
- Nameplates
- Heater-Elements
- Order new unit/section hardware kits
- Resequence all unit ID numbers in spreadsheet format
- Automatically place all units in sections
- Rearrange MCC layout using 'drag-and-drop'
- Add shipping splits to a completed MCC layout
- Add pull boxes to section(s)
- Add 600A vertical bus to section(s)
- Perform a 'Final Edit' on a completed MCC layout
- Automatically add appropriately-sized heater elements to units
- Add user notes corresponding to entire workup
- Add neutral connection plates to sections
- Add vertical and horizontal neutral bus to sections

- Generate script files for use with AutoCAD
- MCC Detail and Front Elevation
- One-Line Diagrams (using IEC or NEMA symbols)
- French and Spanish support for AutoCAD script files
- Create an MCC Summary report for entire workup
- Create Layout and Section Detail reports for entire workup
- Generate a 'Request for Quote'

Save/Import/Export Workups

- User-programmed 'Auto-Save' feature
- Import workup data from commen-separated ASCII text file
- Send workup via FTP over Internet connection, to a Rockwell Automation file ...


Connected Components Workbench  v.

This software leverages proven Rockwell Automation and Microsoft Visual Studio technologies. Program your controllers, configure your devices and design your HMI screens using this software.


- Available as free web download ...

Automation Anywhere  v.6.1.0

Automation Anywhere is an intelligent automation software for IT & business processes. Automate & schedule complex tasks in minutes, without any programming. Record keyboard & mouse or create automation scripts with drag and drop actions. Features SMART ...

Graybox OPC HDA Automation Wrapper

The fundamental design goal is that OPC HDA Auto interface is intended to work as a 'wrapper' for existing OPC Historical Data Access Custom Interface Servers providing an automation friendly mechanism to the functionality provided by the custom interface.

Perfect Automation

Perfect Automation helps automate routine operations such as computer maintenance and startup actions without programming. Perfect Automation includes ability to record and play back mouse and keyboard actions, a quick-launch utility, advanced scheduler ...

Asoftech Automation  v.3.0

Asoftech Automation helps you to automate all of the repetitive tasks you face each day. It records all operation of mouse and keystrokes and saves them as macros. You can also create macros manually with macro editor. Asoftech Automation can then play ...

Sysax FTP Automation  v.6.18

Sysax FTP Automation is a secure file transfer automation and synchronization program with support for FTP, SFTP and FTPS. Both simple and complicated file transfer sequences can be easily automated. It has many useful features such as transfer status ...

Automation Anywhere Premier  v.6.1.0

Automation Anywhere Premier is an intelligent automation software for business & IT processes. It is designed to let you visually create, execute and manage your automation. Automate & schedule complex tasks in minutes, without any programming. Record ...

Automation Anywhere Server  v.6.6.0

Automation Anywhere Server is an intelligent automation solution allowing users to automate business and IT processes easily, swiftly and intuitively. It centralizes the setup and maintenance of automation tasks, ensuring consistency, eliminating setup ...

Perfect Automation Icons  v.2013.1

With our perfect automation icons you have access to a versatile icon collection in PNG, BMP, ICO and GIF formats which are available in a variety of sizes including 16x16, 20x20, 32x32, 24x24, and 48x48. All of our icons come in three state ...

Automation Batch Tools  v.3.2.2

Automation Batch Tools is a tool for automation and batch processing of repetitive tasks on the computer. With the built-in automation tasks modules you can e.g. generate image galleries, resize images, FTP upload files to multiple servers, rename files, ...

Newbie Web Automation  v.2. 7. 2004

Newbie Web Automation manages and automates your commonly visited websites. It is designed to allow users to manipulate Web pages by customizing Newbie Scripts. These scripts allow the user to automate Web page navigation, data extraction and much more ...

Twebst Automation Studio  v.2.0

-Professional IE web automation using the language of your choice: C#, VB.Net, VBA/Excel, JScript, VBScript
-Record web actions and auto generate IE macros with powerful Twebst Web Macro Recorder.

-Fill out web forms automatically. Auto ...

Sales Automation Mania  v.3 6

Sales Automation Mania (SAM for short) is a tool that can automate your repetitive and time consuming (and error prone) tasks. It will give you more time to sell, and help you make more sales.

ACT! is a great contact manager, but it does not ...

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