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Robots.txt Maker  v.4.4

Make Search Engine Friendly Robots.txt Files Fast and Easy! Pattern matching. Visit Time. Request Rate. Crawl delay, Sitemaps, and more. Add information quickly and easily. Import exiting existing robots. txt file for editing and save it to your hard ...

Coloring Book 14: Robots  v.1.00.13

A 14th coloring book program filled with 50 pages of robots! It includes a huge variety of robots that will entertain sci-fi fans for hours. These kooky robots are in scenes that depict them doing activities at home, work, and play. Published by Dataware.



The spiders that visit your site consumes much of your bandwidth?

If you want to control the robots or spiders that visit your site, robots-txt generator is the solution.

It is very common that the webmaster of each site spends a lot ...

Age Of Robots  v.1.0

Big Crunch started building an army of robots with use of the devices under its dominance. The government insisted on a plan to attack by nuclear weapons but CISCO (Cybertronic Information System Committee) knew that the only way to destroy the army ...

Robots: Power On!  v.1 1

It was attacked by robots-terminators form the TERMINUS system. They captured MEGACRYSTAL - the symbol of HORTUS power and prosperity. You control a fearless hero Mark Cyborg, who has a mission of prime importance - he must leave for TERMINUS and bring ...

RoboGen ROBOTS.TXT Editor  v.1.52

It allows the user to quickly and easily create the ROBOTS.TXT files required to instruct web search engines which parts of a web site are not to be indexed and made searchable by the general web public. RoboGen does this by providing the user a way ...

Advanced T-Robots Version 2J  v.

This is a Java re-implementation of the original AT-Robots project . The players can program robots in AT2 assembly. Seek and destroy your opponents using scanners, radar, sonar, missiles, and mines.

GFBot: Robots for Internet Chess Servers  v.

Robots that run on Internet Chess Servers (i.e. FICS, ICC), including VoteBot, RoomBot, BabelBot, PlayBot, AnalyzeBot, FaceBot.


As the last man standing in front of a tsunami of Robots, Zombies, and Giant Chickens, your mission is to fight through the entire onslaught by yourself in order to keep them from taking over.Visit to view the latest video previews.Features:- ...

Rockets and Robots  v.1.0

This is a 3D first person shooter featuring rockets and robots. Your goal is to destroy all of the evil robots in the maze with your trusty rocket launcher before they blast you to smithereens. Also, try not to get lost.

Shiny Robots  v.1.0

Shiny Robots is a puzzle game where you try to move your robot across a floor to get to the exit. Crates, blocks, pits, conveyor belts, lasers, and other obstacles block your way. You must figure out what moves to make to move the obstacles out of the ...

Vintage Toy Robots Screensaver  v.1

com for more great information on vintage tin toy robots from the 1950s and 1960s such as Alps, Ahi, Asahi, Asakusa, Daiya, Dux, Horikawa, Louis Marx, Masudaya, Noguchi, Shudo, Tomiyama, Sankei, SY Toys, Taiyo, Yoshiya, and Bullmark/Marusan. Our website ...

Robots Sniper Free  v.

You go to the next step destroying the robots targeted by your radar with a red point.


Robots Zombies and Giant Chickens is definitely one that nails it.""The soun ...

A Robots Conudrum  v.

Game description
Find yourself playing as a robot through 30 exciting and challenging levels. Can you safely transport your radioactive cargo through the treacherous environment? Only you know the answer.

V 1.1 Alternative Controls

V ...

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