Resistant Hypertension


Hypertension Symptoms  v.1.0

This is the complete hypertension control Ebook. Various experts in the field of dieting, relaxation/meditation, exercise and hypertension control cover every aspect of high blood pressure. This Ebook is full of information that is a must have for every ...

Hypertension Diary  v.

The application helps you:
- keep a daily log of your blood pressure levels.
- write down all your results in your smartphone, as you make your readings.
- take steps to monitor your condition to prevent serious complications, and feel better ...


Blood Pressure Browser  v.1.0

Arterial hypertension is one of the most common diseases in the world. Such complications as myocardial infarction, insult, renal insufficiency often lead to disability or even death. Unfortunately, not every person with hypertension feels ...

Quickly Lower Blood Pressure  v.1.0

Calming the nerves can be a very effective first line of defense when trying to conquer hypertension. So, sit back and relax and watch these pictures of calmness, and sometimes awesomeness flow by.

WinAgents TFTP Server

It is originally designed load-resistant for the 24x7 mode of operation. Using WinAgents TFTP Server, you can make reserve copies of device settings, update flash images, store sound files for IVR systems and do many other things.

A2DCrypt 2048 bits Encryption

Compatible, lightweight, fast, secure, with an encryption algorithm highly resistant, A2DCrypt offers quality protection. A2DCrypt bring satisfaction to individuals and companies wishing to effectively protect their sensitive data. In fact, the algorithm ...

Logbook  v.

It is resistant to manipulations and recognises the time manipulations. Shows detailed reports and totals of months.Is suitable for self-control, co-user-control and children-control. It uses nearly no system ressources (not a hookprogram). Uninstallation ...

Transit Calculator  v.3. 8. 2001

The calculation software for RISE, RISE-NOFIRNO and RISWAT enables you to calculate the material requirements for providing cable and pipe penetrations with seals that are fire resistant as well as gas, water and smoke tight (RISE and RISE NOFIRNO) or ...

Advanced Process Termination  v.4.2

Very few programs in the world are resistant to APT's process-killing arsenal. With approximately 20 different kernel & usermode process termination techniques including suspension and fatal crashing, if APT can't kill your target process nothing can!Advanced ...

Blood pressure in DM  v.

The app suggests the physician the therapy for hypertension in patients affected by diabetes mellitus on the basis of systolic blood pressure. Suggestions are elaborated according to principles defined in Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes developed ...

Career Satisfaction From Within

To give our resistant part the understanding it needs, I suggest we should hold our compassionate attention on it until its rage subsides. The exercises in this section provide ways to greet, acknowledge and even love your resistance when it comes up.

WTC Coin Screen Saver

Once this organization collected all of the coins they then continued on to catalogue, grade and encapsulate in the PCGS high security tamper resistant capsules along with a specially designed commemorative United States Flag insert that identifies the ...

MB Music Therapy

If you have a health problem or some psychological issues like hypertension, high blood pressure, insomnia, restlessness, fatigue and many others, MB Music Therapy suggests remedies.

ChromaPhoto Pro-Green-screen-software  v.1.2.1

Our chromakey software is quite resistant to the bad effects of wrinkles.

* Variable lighting:
Another common problem is variable lighting in the background. This is also adjusted quite well by our chromakey ...

Super Mario Revived  v.1.0

Yes, the landscape is till the same, but the gravity is different and the enemies are more resistant, much faster, and some of them are even impossible to destroy.

Usually Mario is able to kill or at least stun them a bit, but this time you ...

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