Realtime Capturing With Ffmpeg


Video Converter with FFmpeg  v.1.1

Video Converter with FFmpeg can quickly and easily convert your media from and to any format you'd like. It uses the free FFmpeg encoder and supports most any video file that FFmpeg will convert. Numerous video formats are supported, such as AVI, Mp4, ...

Water Garden Studio TRIAL  v.1 3

Walk through your property in realtime 3D with accurate lighting, soft shadows, flowing water, highly detailed 3D plants, and much more. It?s very lifelike. Design with accurate dimensions, scale, and placement relative to your existing house and landscaping.


Manshi RT  v.

Manshi RT features :
- NSE, MCX and yahoo realtime data with backfill
- Free 60 days one minute backfill for all subscriptions
- Works on two systems - one system at a time
- Yahoo package include Google support to cater to yahoo ...

ScreenShot Wizard  v.1.01

This provides image capturing with advanced post-processing through a simple and convenient interface. All features are designed for fast and handy work with screen-shots. In addition to simple image capturing, this works with plugins that let you send ...

RealLyrics  v.

This application shows realtime lyrics with music. (Especially for korean music and PART OF world music(J-POP, POP)!)

Attention: Please clean the title and artist info of your music which has some unnecessary additional label (e.g. "radio mix", ...

FMV Pro  v.6.0

FMV Pro is a unique movie editor and player bursting with multimedia features, special effects, transitions, realtime editing, screensavers - over a hundred and fifty cool things to try!
Build movie clips, screensavers, video effects and edit to different ...

IuVCR  v.

Video capturing with frame size up to 768x576.
Arbitrary choice frame size.
Microsoft Windows Media Format support and Windows Media Encoder integration.
Video stream preview during capture without frame size limitations.
Most ...

Krile for WP  v.

** NEW PRICE! **
The price of Krile was decreased for the spread of the Windows Phone!

Krile can post, can favorite with multi-account, can retweet with multiple-account! to switch account, simply ...

DVAPDC  v.0.5

In conjunction with ffmpeg, and RTVtools, you can automatically convert your DVArchive'd ReplayTV shows for use on a portable media player.

Ultra trigger FX  v.1.153

Modules :
* 1 fx selector "button bench" (F-B-P)
* 1 synced value "button bench"(F-B-P)
* 1 fx tracker (sequencer) (P)
* 2 synced delay with feedback, high and low damping (stereo or stereo merged) (1F-1B-2P)
* 2 glifter (glide/drift) ...

Manticore-trader  v.1.1.2

realtime charting with various annotations and technical indicators
3. automatical selection of derivatives and calculation of risk figures
4. performance reports
5. risk and money management
6. broker interface
7. open program under ...

Microsoft Network Monitor  v.3.4.2350.0

Capturing on Vista requires NM3.0 or NM3.1, as Netmon2.x does not capture properly on Vista.Warning: Capturing with the NM3 GUI with conversations enabled can use up considerable amount of memory. This may cause a machine to become unresponsive. If you ...

DVD Store  v.1.0

Comes with FFMPEG converter utility that automatically converts files to flv format for playback in Real Player or other media players. Build a library on your computer that you can access without loading individual disks.

Antechinus Photo Magic  v.6.0

* Screen and resource capturing. Capture anything of any shape you see on screen, manually or automatically, or capture images, icons, and cursors embedded into executables (.exe) and dynamic libraries (.dll). Supports precision polygon and freehand ...

AirBeam  v.1.0

It receives high resolution video in realtime and with up to 30 frames per second from any number of iPhones, iPods or iPads with a camera on a WiFi network - even from multiple devices simultaneously.AirBeam turns your Mac into a powerful remote monitoring ...

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