Really Small Cursor


A Really Small App

A fun and free Really Small App showing Running Tasks, Current Startups, and CPU & Memory utilization graphs.

A Really Small App also tells you if remote computers are connected to your PC. If you are part of a network and you share printers ...

Flash Recovery Toolbox  v.1.1.17

Pay attention to the size of downloaded file, the installer of Flash Recovery Toolbox is really small so you may get it within several seconds despite possible traffic limitations in the local area network of your company. Click the installer of flash ...


Folder2Iso  v.1 7

No need of installation, really small exe.Some of you can say : 'What is the point of this tool? Seems useless.' Well dvddecrypter/imgburn can burn cd/dvd for free so if you make an iso easily you can burn your movies on cds/dvd for free. It is also ...

Zittergie's Coin Catalog  v.0.83.5

5 It is meant to be used on portable devices, so it is optimized for really small notebooks like the ASUS EEE PC, but it runs just as good on bigger resolutions too.

It's Multi-Lingual (Dutch, English, French, German, ...), it's Multi-Regions ...

Npust Homepage Guard  v.1 8

A really small anti spyware, It protects the IE Home page, Prevents the hijacking of your browser. Even if somebody already change it, this tool can change it back automatically, Download this Great Freeware now and you will be protected forever - no ...

Zittergies Coin Catalog Software  v.0.82

The program is meant to be used on portable devices, so it is optimized for really small notebooks, but it runs just as good on bigger resolutions too. It's multi-mingual (Dutch, English, French, German), multi-region (all regions/countries can be used ...

Instant Sounds  v.

The app size is really small, because you can download the sounds, that you want.

Examples: Air Horn, Drama, Chewbacca, Mario theme, R2D2, Fart, Car crash, This is sparta, Nyan cat, Laser saber, Kitt, Winning, Believe it, I am your father, ...

IPoding Icons  v.1.0

iPoding Icons is a really small set of 2 icons inspired in the Apple's iPod. Fast Icon - High Quality Custom Icon Design.

NANO Servlet Engine  v.0.1

Nano Servlet Engine is a really small-sized HTTP server (with Java Servlets(TM) support in the future). Due to its size (100kb) it's possible to use it on mobile devices with a Java runtime environment.

Custom QuickLaunch

Control the size of the bar (normal icon images, smaller, or really small), allowing you to fit it anywhere on your desktop. Easily change the Quick Launch images to suit your preferences and make your desktop more attractive.

DiskView  v.7.0.3

I really liked the way it modified the windows explorer to add its own toolbar and 'folder view' (generally on the left side of explorer).

What it really does, at the first start, it scans all the drives we select and stores all the information ...

Outlook Recovery Toolbox  v.3.1.7

Since the setup file of Outlook Recovery Toolbox is really small, the recovery of affected files can be started immediately and without the losses of Internet traffic. Please note that it does not use some kind of external data recovery services during ...

Huelix ScreenPlay Screen Recorder

ScreenPlay produces really small files and has several features that make screen recording fun.


Vaccine46 is the first and the only Dual-Core Antivirus Antispyware Protection System on the planet!

Main Features:
Dual-Core Antivirus Antispyware Engine
Multiple Active Shields
True Micro-Incremental Updates
Automatic daily updates
Proactive Protection
Anti-Polymorphic Engine
Really Small: only 7 MB!
Completely ...

FlyCharts Flash Chart Component

It is interactive, scalable and flexible, with the really small size of output files. It supports plenty of chart types and has trial version free for non-commercial use.

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