Rap Battles


Epic Rap Battles of History  v.

This free, unofficial, app is your hub of Epic Rap Batlles of History videos.

Watch Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, Einstein and Steven Hawking or Gandalf and Dumbledore comedy rap battle. All Season 1 and 2 videos are available to watch in the app ...

Avatar - Bobble Battles  v.32.0

Avatar Bobble Battles is a fun and entertaining adventure game which you can enjoy in your free time. It will keep you busy and fascinated for hours.
In this cartoon-inspired game, you can control different heroes, have over 30 types of units, launch ...


Christian Rap  v.1

Christian Rap: The New Hip Hop ...

Michigan Rap Sheet

Michigan rap sheet database - Access Michigan rap sheet database now! You could conduct an exhaustive rap
sheet search in Michigan from your entire network of specialized databases to find the case number, charge,
offense, arrest, file, disposition ...

Rap Musicians Screensaver

You can find the best of them in this Rap Musicians Screensaver.

World of Battles  v.1. 2. 2006

World of Battles is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online real-time wargame in a fantasy setting where up to eight armies, each one made up of as many as 16 units (with each unit featuring up to 30 individual soldiers!), clash in exciting player-versus-player ...

HISTORY Great Battles Medieval  v.1 2

Great Battles Medieval is a unique blend of Real-Time Strategy and Role-playing that allows you to develop your army; gaining experience, abilities and equipment to customise your troops. Success can never be guaranteed, so you should carefully prepare ...

Really Rather Good Battles In Space  v.1 13

Really Rather Good Battles In Space is a real time strategy game with fleets of spaceships. It is a single player real time strategy game following the fall of the great Artillian empire.

Main features:

- a short but relatively polished ...

My Rap Sheet  v.

Download this app and determine your criminal rap sheet. Help your nerdy friends find their inner "bad boy".

Each scan of the thumb searches the FBI and Interpol databases to find your criminal background.

Download this app to become ...

Astral Battles Online  v.

Online version of Astral Battles.
Defeat the opponent in a magical duel by summoning creatures and castings spells using four elements: Fire, Water, Air, Earth + one special.
This game is based on famous desktop game "Spectromancer".


JATM: Battles  v.

Experience the epic gameplay of Jack and the Mechs with 20 new battles, free!

- Intense open world action
- Immersive First-Person 3D
- Intelligent enemies
- Intuitive controls - true run and gun gameplay

v1.2.1 - Improved ...

Dice Battles  v.

Dice Battles is a simple strategy board game where you attempt to take over all the lands. A simple game, but surprisingly challenging!

Ad free version available as "Dice Battles +" ...

Dice Battles +  v.

Dice Battles is a simple strategy board game where you attempt to take over all the lands. A simple game, but surprisingly challenging!

Free version available as "Dice Battles" ...

Tank Battles  v.3

Tank Battles is a 3D simulator for teaching robot artificial inteligence. It'sheavilly influenced by Robocode, but differs from the former in that it adds the complexity of a full 3D scene, realistic physics simulation, among other features.

Battles of 1944  v.1.0

Battles of 1944 is an awesome strategy game in the World War II. Defense your front line against the enemy forces, and battle across the Normandy coast, the desert of Africa and the steppe of Russia with the Allied and Axis forces.Battles of 1944 co ...

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