Ram Defrag Vista


RAM Defrag  v.2 84

RAM Defrag with following options: Defrags your RAM , Deletes TEMP-Directory, Clears clipboard, Autostart-function, Start with timer, little SysMon (RAM-Monitor), Snooze, Multilanguage - Winner of the 'Isidor Awards 2003/2004' 'Shareware of the year' ...

RAM Memory Cleaner and Optimizer

RAM Memory Cleaner and Optimizer is a clever memory management program that with one click, or automatically Free, Optimize and Defrag your system's memory. RAM Memory Cleaner and Optimizer is easiest and fastest way to RAM management.


Andromeda RAM Optimizer

Andromeda RAM Optimizer is a clever memory management program that with one click, or automatically Free, Optimize and Defrag your system's memory. Andromeda RAM Optimizer is easiest and fastest way to RAM management.

O&O Defrag 14 Server Edition  v.14.5

O&O Defrag 14 merges the individual fragments from files and then sorts all data into separate zones. To accomplish this, O&O Defrag 14 gives you three new methods of defragmentation that combine perfectly with all its standard options. Altogether, they ...

RAMses  v.4 2

RAMses is a software developed to be just a simple PC RAM memory optimizer. You can monitor RAM status and automatically free a customized value. This version allows save your personal configuration for all sessions.

Abexo Memory Defragmenter  v.1. 1. 2001

Memory Defragmenter is a software to free up wasted RAM. What is memory (RAM) fragmentation? Windows programs use RAM (Random Access Memory) for their operations, however sometimes they fail to release the RAM after use. This means that parts of your ...

Abexo Memory Defragmenter and Process Tweak

Abexo Memory Defragmenter and Process Tweak is a utility software to make your computer run smoothly and faster. This is done by identifying cause of system freezes and computer slow-downs and resolving the problem right at the cause of it.

Audio Solution  v.7 1

The price described is a registration fee that allows you to receive license to download, install, and update another tools in order to: extract CD tracks to MP3 format and name the CD tracks; burn audio files, view and edit ID tags for MP3 files, apply effects and filters, change sample rate and / or format (wav to mp3, mp3 to wav), add MP3 ID tags, use to burn/ archive your audio files to CD-R, CD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-ROM ...

FixCleaner  v.2.0.4287

Other useful actions you can perform with FixCleaner are: remove programs from Windows startup, uninstall applications, optimize RAM, defrag you hard disks, and adjust Internet settings.

WinMend Registry Defrag  v.1.4.7

WinMend Registry Defrag is a free registry defragmentation and cleanup tool. It can rebuild registry index safely and clear waste registry space to make it easy for Windows and applications to find required data more efficiently. After Windows registry ...

Defrag Laptop Application  v.

Are you looking for a tool to increase the performance of laptop? Then we have a utility to increase the performance of your laptop that is Defrag Laptop Application. This defrag laptop software can perform laptop defragmentation on all latest Windows ...

Vista Manager  v.4.1.6

A powerful software tool to tweak, optimize, maintain and tune up your Windows Vista, it includes over thirty different utilities! It will help your system to be stable, fast, secure and personal! For example, get detailed system and hardware information; ...

Auslogics Registry Defrag  v.9.0.0

Auslogics Registry Defrag can significantly speed up your computer by helping you to defragment the Registry, remove gaps and make it contiguous, smaller and faster to access.

Even a novice user can easily speed up and optimize the Registry ...

Max RAM Optimizer  v.1.2

It continuously monitors your computer memory, whenever free RAM goes too low, recovers your PC's physical memory by transferring data to page files. It also displays real-time graph of available physical Memory and page files.Max RAM optimizer provides ...

Defrag My Windows Computer  v.

If your system performance is too slow and office applications or webpages which consume more time to open and you wish to increase your PC or laptop speed, then try Defrag My Windows Computer software which is bundle with most advanced and extreme set ...

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