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RAL C1 DIGITAL is the complete package for the use of RAL-colours. The 210 RAL CLASSIC colours are supported as well as the 1625 RAL DESIGN System colours and the 490 RAL EFFECT colours. Priority is given to the practical design.

Main features:


This programme displays the colour values of the 210 RAL CLASSIC colours in different variations. RAL makes high demands on the quality of the colour values.
The HLC and La*b* coordinates were measured spectrophotometrically. The CMYK colour-values ...


GIMP Portable  v.2.8.4

GIMP Portable is the popular the GIMP for Windows image editor packaged as a portable app, so you can take your images with you and do your editing on the go. Features: The GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a freely distributed program for such ...

GIMP Help 2  v.2.8.0

The Gimp is the open source reference in image manipulation. This free application will allow you to retouch, author and edit your photos thanks to a wide set of tools. LetOCOs quickly go through what you can do with the Gimp. The painting function has ...

Gimp-Print  v.4.2.5

Gimp-Print provides high quality drivers for Canon, Epson, Lexmark, and PCL printers for use with Ghostscript, CUPS, Foomatic, and the Gimp. To install the drivers please read the "Setting up printers" PDF which is included with the download.For a comprehensive ...

Form Colours

Form Colours is intended for Programmers and others who want to give
their stuff an individual look. With most Computers these days offering
Millions of Colours why not use them?
Selected RGB colours can be stored in a dropdown list for future ...

Ruri Colours  v.

Ruri Colours is a simple colour matching game.
Tap and pass the lower jewels to the upper tray. Score by sending colours that match the ones already in the upper tray.
For a higher score, use the Send All "^" button to get a bonus when all sent ...

Secret Colours  v.

Are you up for a challenge? Looking for a fun game to develop your logic and prediction powers?

Secret Colours (AKA Mastermind) is a simple puzzle game, where you have to guess a combination of hidden colours in the correct order in 10 steps ...

GIMP Massive Package  v.1.0

GIMP for Windows and Mac with a huge amount of Open Source or otherwise free or public domain plugins. windows version has installer. mac version must be assembled but has zip files.This package is not (yet) officially associated with the GIMP project.

GIMP on OS X  v.1.0

This project provides pre-build GIMP application bundles for Intel and PPC Macs.

Gimp Plug-ins CVS  v.0.2.0

This project holds a copy of the main gimp cvs tree and gives plug-in developers a chance to maintain/update their plug-ins without a gnome cvs account.

Lomo-Gimp  v.0.1

Lomo-Gimp is a script-fu for the GIMP that tries to enrich pictures taken using a digital camera with the warmth of those taken with a classic analog camera.

GIMP  v.2.8.8

But calling GIMP an image editor is like calling the sleek, limited edition, 268 mph Bugatti Veyron Super Sport a nice car. It doesn't even scratch the surface.

For this GIMP download is an incredible piece of software - versatile, powerful ...

Sound Colours  v.

This application helps children to understand the colors. To operate, just touch the color and listen to the name of the color ...

Guess The Colours!  v.

Tried wracking brains over solving the Mastermind colour game, but found it difficult to solve according to the rules?
Try this new guessing game with much simpler rules and play to your heart's content...

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