Radio Link


PathCalc  v.1 2

PathCalc is a radio propagation design package which will assess the feasibility of a point-to-point radio link prior to any site surveys being carried out.
Propagation models included are Ibrahim, Yokomura/Hata, Hata (150-1500MHz), COST-231, Egli ...

DIGTRX  v.3 1

Play the sound file over the audio path (which may be a
radio link). Record the received sound file. Process the received sound file to recover
the original binary data (file) without errors (decoding).
The received sound file will contain ...


RadioLink  v.6.041

The radio link calculations uses various propagation models which include Yokomura/Hata, Hata(150-1500MHz, Cost-231 Hata, Egli and Friss. RadioLink calculates the losses in the coaxial/waveguide feeders, connectors and path losses to ...

PerSonoCall  v.2. 11. 2007

Added the ability to turn on the headset's radio link and leave it on with the 'Lock headset radio link on' feature. It is accessible either through the Basic Options tab or the context menu of the PerSonoCall icon in the system tray.

DSPWIN  v.3.0.5

When sending data files with CLOVER 2000 the compression routines compress the file to a size most efficient transfer over a radio link. Text file can be compressed many times their normal size.

Radio Server Player  v.

Radio Server Player is the perfect audio playout tool for internet radio stations, pubs, clubs, party organisers and mobile DJs, where continous music playout and simple control is a must.

Radio Server Player incorporates a unique play stacking ...

World Radio  v.

- Fix bug in the searching function
- Update dead-link channels
- Semi-transparent Ads background
- Fix minor bugs
World Radio is a comprehensive online radio player. World Radio allows you to browse and listen to more than a thousand ...

Cell Radio  v.

Your favorite radio station streams a feed on the web? Type in the link to the stream and hit Play!
- No account setup, no sign-in, no usage fees.
- Plays streams the phone's web browser cannot open.
- The trial version plays for up to two ...

Sidebar Radio  v.2.4

Sidebar Radio enables you to listen to streaming radio from the Google Desktop Sidebar. Features: # *New* - Added the ability to play the 10 most recent podcasts from the pull out menu. Just place your favorite podcast rss in the options dialog and ...

HTML Link Validator  v.4.52

HTML Link Validator is a professional tool for checking web pages for broken links, on a web server or on your local computer. Whether a novice or an experienced webmaster, you should always test your web site for broken links. There are many reasons ...

Link Maven

Link Maven is a parallel link file transfer tool for Windows 95 - Vista. Connect two PCs together with a Laplink/Interlnk compatible cable and copy, move, & delete files and directories between them. Also connects to DOS/Win 3.1 PCs. Supports 4-bit connections ...

Web Link

Web Link is top rated link popularity software that helps find potential business partners and build a unique business network. Web Link benefits your business by directing more free traffic to your web site, automatically gathering business contacts, ...

Link Utility

Link Utility is a professional and handy tool for checking links on Web sites and sustaining their efficiency. The program combines powerful features and an easy-to-use interface and is robust enough to deal with corporate Web sites containing up to one ...

External Link Promotion

External Link Promotion: Easy powerful web link popularity & google pagerank boost tool.
1) Easy to find thousands of prospective link partners with top google page rank, effective improve your website link popularity and page rank. Improve your web ...

Nesox Link Checker Free Edition

Nesox Link Checker is a professional tool for webmasters to get web link popularity and PageRank for your websites and your competitors in seconds! It could help you load and extract all of the hyper links from a website, a local or online page. Check ...

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