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NiceLabel Pro  v.

NiceLabel Pro is a designing program for professional bar codes and RFID (Radio-frequency identification) labeling. It uses over 75 labeling fonts, including 2D and liner bar codes, such as: Data Matrix, Aztec, PDF 417, UCC 128, EAN,RSS, and MaxiCode.

Flqrz  v.2 20

flqrz is an interface to the QRZ cdrom amateur radio callsign database published by AA7BQ. Version 2.2, compatible with QRZ cdrom Volume 26. Source code does NOT include QRZ email access code. You must use the precompiled applications for that functionality.


SNTP Wizard ActiveX  v.3.0

These times are accurate because they are accessed from Atomic and radio frequency clocks. Some Useful features: Easy to get time information Great for timestamps for Local Time and UTC Can automatically set the client machines clock to the retrieved ...

SimTouchRadio  v.

SimTouch Radio
This FM Radio lets you add radio stations by tuning or typing the radio frequency and most importantly adding a meaningful name for the radio station. Each station can be removed from the playlist or edit. You can add as many radio ...

RaceFrequencies  v.

An app that displays the current radio frequency of all drivers in Nascar Sprint Cup, Nationwide, and Camping World truck series.

EarthMediaCenter Radio Portable  v.1 4

EarthMediaCenter Radio FREE software product which provides the Internet users with access to internet radio channels (online radio, Web radio). A huge database of radio stations, selection by genres and countries, station search by name, and much more.

Online.Radio.Free  v.1.1

Radio.Free is a modern internet radio receiver, which will allow you to access a database with more than 47,000 internet radio stations (over 74,000 URLs of the radio stations' streams) from 204 countries, grouped into 357 genres. Its set of functions ...

RADYO, Advanced Radio Player  v.1.0.1

RADYO is a standalone radio player which supports nearly all kinds of streams.You can add/open/play your own stations. As an extra, RADYO also has it's own radio station database.The most advanced mobile radio entertainment applica ...

Excel Word Frequency Count for Multiple Spreadsheets

Do you have a number of excel files that you need to get the word frequencies from? Perhaps you need to do some sort of statistical analysis, or perhaps you downloaded a bunch of pages from the web and want to analyze them, to make your own website more ...

ESTeem Utility  v.2 7

The ESTeem Utility program provides configuation, troubleshooting and diagnostics of the Model 192 series of ESTeem serial radio modems. This program is required to set the frequency, squelch level and operating commands to the radio modem. The latest ...

WinRadio  v.3.0

WiNRADiO Communications manufacture radio communications equipment for a very wide range of applications. Our customers include professional communications radio users in government, industry, military, security, surveillance and spectrum monitoring organizations, ...

WiNRADiO G305  v.2 14

All the last IF (intermediate frequency stage) and the demodulation stage functions are performed in software. Having been freed from hardware constraints, this brings about unprecedented level of flexibility and performance to the receiver.

FilterLab  v.2.0

FilterLab is an easy tool that allows you to design low pass, high pass, and band pass filters, showing the schematic diagram of a filter circuit with component values and displaying the frequency response. It has a filter selection wizard that allows ...

WiNRADiO AMFE  v.1 37

Upon installation, the receiver's tunable frequency range expands automatically to 3500 MHz (with AMFE-3500) or 8599 MHz (AMFE-8600). The frequency display of the receiver shows the actually received frequency.

In addition to the ...

Fldigi for Mac OS X  v.3.21.49

Fldigi is a simple to use digital modem program that can be used by radio amateurs. It is able to handle a wide range of amateur radio digital modes the users can choose from.

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