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Cross Numbers  v.1 1

Do you like playing Scrabble or doing crossword puzzles, and you're good with numbers? Here's the game for you! Show off your skills while you have fun finding the right number combination that fits into the crossword puzzle grid. Attractive graphics ...

Dot By Dot (nonograms)  v.1.1

Introducing Dot by Dot – the latest and greatest puzzle game app you'll never get tired of - 150 puzzles at 3 different levels (as in-app purchase)!Christmas sale for this in-app purchase! For limited time only - 50% offDot by Dot is fun ...


Dot by Dot + (nonograms)  v.1.2

Introducing Dot by Dot – the latest and greatest puzzle game app you'll never get tired of - 150 puzzles at 3 different levels!Dot by Dot is fun, challenging, and entertaining mix of a jigsaw puzzle and sudoku. Solve each puzzle to reveal a hi ...

Alaska Blue Mountain Jigsaw Puzzle  v.1.0

If you love mountain landscape scenes, you'll love Alaska Blue Mountain Beauty Jigsaw Puzzle. It's lots of fun for the family and friends.

The free version has a limited number of pieces (20) and only 3 pictures in it. The full version ...

Japanese Puzzles  v.1.0

Japanese Puzzles, developed by Catchysoft, is not the usual type of puzzle we are used to, but, as indicated in the software name, it is about Japanese puzzles, also known as Nonograms, Paint by Numbers, among many other names.

The purpose ...

The Ultimate Soundoku  v.1.0.3

As the Sudoku craze sweeps across the world, young and old alike are discovering the addictive fun of this brain-busting puzzle game.

Though it exists in many forms, the basic concept is always the same: fill in every square on the puzzle-grid ...

Klest-crossword  v.1.2.3

Provides a lot of tools for creating a crossword puzzle. It a dictionary of 31 000 Russian words and a dictionary of 41 000 English words. All functions: - Creating and guessing a crossword puzzle; - Check correctness of guessing a crossword puzzle; ...

Across Lite  v.2 1

Main Features:
- Move around on the puzzle grid
- Enter multiple letters in the same cell
- Enter non-letters or symbols in the puzzle
- Switching between across and down answers
- Convert letters between pen and pencil ...

15 Puzzle  v.4.0

In this puzzle you must move squares round a grid to place them in order. If you can't solve the puzzle, it will solve itself before your very eyes. With this program you can transform your favorite pictures (in bmp, gif, jpeg, pcx, png, tiff, or xpm ...

Puzzle 48er

Puzzle 48er is a puzzle game with 48 shape placing puzzles.

The game has a grid of 10 x 6 squares, you are given 10 pieces of various shapes to completely fill the grid. Each piece covers 6 squares so 10 are needed to fill the grid.

Voyage Puzzle  v.

Voyage Puzzle challenges players to solve a series of match-3 games and discover 20 of the most famous places in the world. Even though it brings nothing new to the games of the kind, this puzzle has some features that make it enjoyable to play.

Puzzle Word Demo  v.1 21

Puzzle Word, now with a new name, Word Soup and new
features is a wonderful and entertaining word game developed by Fuzzy Bug Interactive Ltd.
Apart from being very easy to play, Word Soup is really fun and addictive, while provides a good ...

LogTek Puzzle Maker  v.3.0

LogTek Puzzle Maker presents a very simple, easy-to-navigate interface that allows one to create Japanese puzzles, which are pictures placed onto cells on a grid. Several sample puzzles are included in the program, which are handy for practicing to discover ...

Fraise Puzzle  v.

Like classic wood puzzle, move pieces to discover colorful and funny graphics.

Shake your device to mix Pieces and start a new game.

This free version include three puzzles. Many more will be coming throught the app updating system.

Newspaper Puzzle Collection  v.

The app currently contains crosswords, wordsearch and Sudoku puzzles. New puzzles are set to be released every week with some new puzzle types to be added very soon.

Version 2 out now: Added wordsearch puzzles along with some extra crossword ...

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