Property Title Search


Lucas Real Property Ownership

Lucas real property ownerships search. This database allows you to conduct an real property search from your
entire network of specialized and proprietary systems to find the owner name, address, market value, and other
property details based ...

Dreambox Air Control  v.1.2.300

So you can programming timer by one click from the EPG description or title. Search for returns from your favorite TV Serie by one-click. Stream your recordings, or livestream to your PC from everywhere of the World. Stream other Files mp3, ts, DivX, ...


AppAdvisor  v.

AppAdvisor provides keyword/title search for (and only for) apps. No more

searches cluttered with songs and albums!

Other features include:
- Sort search results by Rating, Name, Release Date, Price, or Number of Ratings
- ...

Photoshop Search Multiple Files By Layer Name Software  v.7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to search for layer text in one or more PSD files. The user can specify a list of files or an entire folder and type in the text for the search. There is an option to match or ignore case. The results ...

FileSpider  v.1.0

FileSpider is a spider that crawls for shared files in your local network, allowing you to search for those files quickly. FileSpider is an intranet search engine, which when installed on an intranet, allows any computer in that network to search for ...

Magicbricks  v.

Search Best Properties in India - India's No 1 Property Portal

Buy, Rent Residential Apartment, Plot, House, Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural Properties in INDIA via

Application Features:
- Quick ...

Mindverse  v.0.85

Mindverse helps you search within your personal information by providing automatical organisation, rich visualization, and instant search abilities.
Why use Mindverse
* Ultra light, easy-to-use, and installs in about 5 clicks, or less.
* Find ...

Terra Explorer  v.

It introduces search as a central theme in the browsing experience. The concept is based on the way some people prefer to explore the web - by searching first, then browsing.

Version 1.0:
- Major search engines incorporated into the browser
- ...

Music Book Deluxe  v.1 5

The most advanced software package developed to create and maintain the most Up-To-Date and best looking Karaoke Song BooksWith Music Book Deluxe, the songs are already in the database listing all the major disk makers in all major disk formats. All spellings ...

Media Library Ministry  v.13 2

Media Library Manager is a complete library system for a church's library ministry. This program will allow a church library to: catalog all resources, maintain circulation, track circulation history for the resource and the user. There is user level ...

ABC-View Manager  v.1 42

And you can sort and filter your image collection with any property. And search through it with flexible search phrases and combinations. Plus, add descriptions to images, and do batch renames. Output your image list as CSV or XML to compare ...

IDownload  v.2.1

Search BBC iPlayer programmes based on Channels, Genre and Title search.Requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6 or above.Features:
* Download DRM Free Video/Audio from BBC iPlayer
* Supports Playback on iPhone, iPod Touch, Nokia N Series and ...

Songview  v.4.461

Song location via text and title search
4. Optional picture backgrounds
5. Slide editing during live displays
6. Background selection and text style and position adjustment during live display
7. Congregation Alerts
8. Automatic production ...

Lyrics Now  v.

In addition Lyrics Now let't you search for artist/title and text parts of the lyrics. With this improved version it is now possible to start a secondary search on LyricsWiki if the song could not be found on LyricsWiki search is now ...

The Missing Comic  v.1.2.0

With The Missing Comic, you just enter the title, enter the issues you're missing, and save it. When you need to refer to your missing issue list or remove issues you've managed to find, just launch The Missing Comic and do your business.And that's not ...

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