Propane Refrigerator


Wine Cooler Refrigerator Puzzle  v.1.0

A fun and interesting wine cooler refrigerator puzzle with 35 pieces that kids aged 4 and up can play and enjoy.

QuickIce  v.1.0

A Tetris-like game in which cubes of ice are falling from the dispenser of a Maytag Ice2O French Door Bottom Freezer refrigerator into a glass container. Use the keys on your keyboard to rotate these cubes of ice or move them horizontally in order to ...


Stock Me Up  v.1.0

In this puzzle-type game, you have a limited time to load up your groceries into the Maytag Ice2O refrigerator. The grocery items are moving on a conveyor belt below the refrigerator. You have to drag and drop individual items from the conveyor belt to ...


An easy way to do combustion equilibrium calculations, such as:
- What is the temperature of a stoichiometric propane/oxygen flame?
- How much do I have to compress air to cause its temperature to rise to 500K?
- What is the equilibrium ...

The Jewish Calendar  v.1 2

A monthly calendar for the home optimized to print for display on your refrigerator. The calendar can display standard and Jewish calendar dates, major Jewish holidays, and US holidays. You can customize the calendar with birthdays, anniversaries, and ...

Counter Depth Refrigerators  v.1.0

Screensaver with a counter depth refrigerator theme.

Grocery Gadget  v.

☑ Arrange products like your pantry, refrigerator, laundry room
☑ Build-in list of over 1000 of most popular household items.
☑ Don’t type – scan barcodes(3GS or later phones), or use built-in list of frequent items
☑ ...

HomeStock  v.

refrigerator, freezer, among others) from your Windows Phone device. HomeStock engines process your information and provide related services (e.g. shopping lists).

Healthy Food  v.

Ever troubled by the expiried food in your refrigerator?
You need this app to manage your food expiry dates.

You can also get information derectly in the app about how you can cook your foods.

Please send back any opinion to help ...

FridgeMagnets  v.2.0

FridgeMagnets is a fun program that allows you to place magneticc letters on your desktop, as if it were a refrigerator. Chaotic Software.

Cookware Deluxe

Print the recipe titles as a Calendar to hang on your refrigerator, then print the recipes and optional shopping list. Shopping lists are made by checkmarking the needed items, add non-food items, combine items, even mark the Store, Department and Aisle ...

Temperature Scan

"Temperature Scan is an affordable Temperature monitoring system that allows you to be notified of changes in temperature as they happen. This tool can be used to monitor server room and data center temperatures to prevent disaster. A plug and play solution ...

Water filters - The first question to ask when considering a residential water purifier is whether you even need one. If you have a municipal water source then your water is already treated. But many people don't want to drink the chlorine ...

Fireman's Adventures  v.1.0

Inside the houses you may find scared and helpless people, fire extinguishers, buckets and highly explosive propane tanks. The flames spread around and grow larger with time, so you should move quickly. This can be labeled as a puzzle game, because each ...

Save Our Planet  v.3 7

In addition, the software pays for itself by allowing you to reduce your monthly propane/natural gas, electricity, water and gasoline bills.

Product Features:

-Daily conservation tools and strategies that helps you save money and ...

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