Profile Aluminium Window Cutting List


DuctNet  v.2. 1. 2002

This program will size, price and produce a complete cutting list of the duct.
The design goes through a number of phases. Initially, you load a background drawing. This would typically be the architects reflected ceiling plan. Next you specify ...

QtMbbSql  v.0.03

In the editing window - the list of available user tables in the database, choose carefully and try to edit the data. You can replace the primary key, the proposed database, and Qt for the selected table (or miserable at the table of the key do not, then ...


Marietta  v.1 3

When Marietta is started, this is the default window.
- Song List Editor - This window, which is the first window to popup, allows for the creating of song lists from the existing song books. The editor can be accessed at any time by selecting List ...

Skinman  v.1.0

SkinMan consist of four windows:
-Main window: The canvas and drawing tools.
-Tree window: The list of all primitives. parent-child relationship and foreground-background relationship.
-Properties window: parameters for the current ...

XP SafeGuard  v.2 1

The application shows in its main window a list of categories which contain a list of tasks. Each of these changes a system setting. By checking a task and clicking on 'Apply' you will be telling the app to carry out the action described in ...

RichCopy  v.4.0.211

That means that rather than copying one file at a time in serial order, RichCopy can open multiple threads simultaneously, allowing many files to be copied in parallel and cutting the total time required to complete the operation several times over.You ...

PortableFirefox CX  v.1.0a

Portable Firefox CX is a portable profile switcher written for Mac OS X in ObjC/Cocoa. It's designed to give a simple interface to execute a local copy of with a specific profile, choosen from a list.You should just download the DMG and add ...

Media Library Manager  v.14.0

The main resource maintenance window default list is in accession number order. To access an existing resource by accession number you can type the number in the text box and press the TAB key. The record will instantly access the resource. If you are ...

CDizz Player  v.

Within this Musical Network you can:

Create a personal profile page with a list of your music collection.
Upload your own contributions and share them with other people in your network.
Receive CDizz Pointzz for every upload.

Bestel FLV to Video Converter  v.3.0.11

Further, it allows you to choose the desired profile from an offered list and adjust the quality of the output file. You can adjust many audio and video settings like add title, use video and audio codec, change bit rate, frame rate, video size and aspect ...

Radio2MP3  v.1.0

The main window represents the list of radio stations with the front panel at the top of the window. Links to the search tool, advanced options, tools, help and scheduler are located on the left side of the window. The integrated player is located ...

INemesis  v.3.0

Pending window. See list of pending challenges.
Redesigned board window.
Added layout save/load for board. Now you can practically design your own boards windows.
Single button to remove clutter in main terminal.
Single button ...

Karen's Version Browser  v.4.0.5

You will see in the third window the list of found files. By double clicking on the name of the file you want to see, a window will pop up, showing you all the information about that file.

The information on each file will be: Name, ...

SpeedMenus  v.2.0.36

- Possibility to display a picture on the bottom right of the management window.
- Possibility to display a scrolling message in the management window.
- Different view modes in the management window (icons, list, thumbnails).
- Displaying ...

Dr. Axel Benz Red Folders  v.1.0

To let them disappear, just right-click on a folder and choose ?send to ? add to banned Red Folders list. The folder disappears and will not come back. If you have banned folders and you want to have them back, right-click on the red folders symbol in ...

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