Pranks To Pull


TMD Puzzle  v.4.6

To finish the game you need need to pull together
all pieces to a picture.
The game is like fifteens, but here you
can determine number of
fragments depending on the desired
difficulty. You will
move pieces of a picture ...

Lyrics Viewer  v.1.0

It also allows the user to pull up extra information about the album containing the song as well as play the song while viewing the lyrics. In order for this to work the lyrics must be embedded in the song and if not the program gives directions on how ...


Checkers Buddy - Pogo  v.1 5

This program is of great help when there is a game at stake that threatens to pull down your Yahoo rating. This game is helpful to players having difficulty seeing through their opponents' game play.
Its user graphic interface is simple, however ...

Crazy Eights Deluxe  v.2 1

Crazy Eights Deluxe is the classic card game (and it's the basis for the popular card game, Uno) , where each player tries to be the first to get rid of all of their cards,while forcing their opponent to pull cards from the deck. The registered version ...

MishBuddy  v.

MishBuddy gives you the features you need at a very affordable one time cost!

With MishBuddy you will be able to pull just the missions you need at any character level.

You need not have a pay account to make full use ...

RSSvp Reader  v.4.0

RSS|vp Reader is a customized software application which allows your audience to pull content directly from your website onto their desktop without email. It is typically offered as a download from your website or as a distributable CD-ROM. Your company ...

Nike-Football-Widget  v.1.0

Best of all, the Nike Football widget has now been updated to allow you to pull in fixtures, results and ladders from your local league.
Never miss a game, or find out how your competitors are travelling, using the Nike Football Widget.

Velocity  v.4.0

Velocity allows you to pull apart the skin, and align it how you want. All buttons are in their own independent windows, and can be placed anywhere on screen, allowing you to have a tiny mp3 player in your titlebar, Or even on your taskbar, All you do ...

Slumberfish  v.1 13

To achieve this, you will need to control fishes, jellyfishes and other sea creatures to pull the balls towards the desired destiny. The fishes will let you kick the ball from side to side (the green to the left, the orange to the right), ...

CtrlSee  v.1.0

Better yet, Ctrl See makes is easy to pull recently copied text and images back into the clipboard for use. It works specifically with hotkeys and allows you to preview the clipboard items prior to selecting them.

Gift(no numbers limit)  v.

(Please DO NOT ask me how to pull out a special number, there is no way!)

1.Gift (The Prize Draw Software) use the advanced stochastic average distributed mathematics algorithm to generate the random numbers to ensure fairness and justice


Magnet Game  v.2.6

Using a magnet, you have to pull the ball to the desired position. The goal is to collect all bonuses and take the cup. See how well you can master the magnet. Nice music and graphics will help you relax and unwind!
This unusual indie game offers ...

Fix LogHelper  v.0.5 Beta

The parser is smart enough to pull out FIX messages from files local or on Sftp. You can also export selected Fix message.Requirements:
* Java Runtime ...

The Idiot Test  v.

Are you a complete idiot? What about your friends, coworkers, and family? Buy The Idiot Test now and find out! This collection of tests is guaranteed to pull the dumb part of you out of hiding without fail. You’ll kick yourself when you fail to follow ...

Christian Connection  v.

This app was designed to pull RSS feeds for daily Bible verses, Bible devotions, missions news, Baptist news, and Christian humor.

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