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Bubbles Popper 2 for iOS  v.1.0

Bubbles Popper 2 is a classic bubble popping game. It is free iPhone and iPad game, play it on your iPhone oriPad. The goal of the game is to earn points by popping bubbles on the game board.

Playing Bubbles Popper 2 is simple.

Destroy ...

Collapsed Bubbles Blitz (Android)  v.1.10

Collapsed Bubbles Blitz is a classic bubble popping game. It is a free android game. The goal of the game is to earn points by popping bubbles from the game board.Playing Collapsed Bubbles Blitz is simple.Pop bricks faster, then game field is filled with ...


Aqua Bubbles  v.

Kids are popping bubbles in the see with their fingers while diver supports them.
When kids touch the diver he waves at them or makes wink and funny sounds.
The game develops children's speed and attention.

Memory Bubbles  v.

Memory Bubbles is a free fun game mixing the addictive bubble popping experience with a memory exercise. Enjoy popping bubbles and train your mind!

Pop bubbles, remember the hidden numbers and follow the rules (pop bubbles with matching or ...

Pop Pop Pop  v.

Free until 1st of June!

This game is all about popping bubbles!

Feel the joy of popping bubbles, and challenge your friends on Time Attack Mode!

Share your highscore online, and compete against the world!

Or if you ...

Bubble Pop  v.

With this application you will never stop playing and you could test your ability popping bubbles coming from the bottom. Be carefull though to the fishes that will make you lose a life; only the best one will play forever.

Color Bubble  v.

Help the kids learn their colors by popping bubbles. The player is given a colored instruction of which color bubble to pop. The bubble then bounce around while they try an pop only the specified color. If they hit the wrong color it just bounces the ...

Animal Pop  v.

Animal Pop is a fun and simple game where kids and the young at heart can save animals by popping bubbles. Pick your difficulty and advance through the levels of play to unlock new animals. Your progress will be saved after each level is achieved.

FaceOff  v.

Tired of popping bubbles? FaceOff is a fast paced casual puzzle where you find and tap the target face in a grid of faces. All the while racing against time!

Diffuse the bombs and collect the gifts for more points. There are over 60 levels that ...

Screen Smasher!  v.

Sometimes you want to smash your phone into pieces? Now you can easily do it without damaging your phone!

To do it, you can use one of the following modes:

✓ Simple Smash - touch the screen to crash it; use zoom gesture to clean the screen back
✓ Blow It Up - set the timer and lay down the phone; by the specified time the phone will vibrate, make noises, and the damages will appear on the screen
✓ Don't Throw Me - just a reminder, that your phone can brake down, if it fall down (even on the sofa)

With all these features, you can:

 ✓ Make fun of your friends or family
 ✓ Steady nerves (smashing screen - it's almost like popping bubbles in bubble ...

Bursting Bubbles  v.

Play Bursting Bubbles for delightful puzzle game entertainment and fun. There are two very different modes of play, Frantic and Puzzle Mode. With Frantic Mode, it is a battle against the clock in a all out race to rearrange the bubbles into groups and ...

Crazy Bubbles  v.

Crazy Bubbles is a fun bubble popping game for the whole family. The main aim is to pop all the bubbles before they build up and cover the entire screen. There are 20 levels with great sound FX and music which will keep everyone occupied for hours!

Bubbles Crush for Android  v.1.07

Beat screen slowly filling with bubbles and destroy as many of them as possible to move to the next level. Earn points by selecting groups of squares of the same color. You can select and clear from the game board groups of 3 and more objects. New lines ...

Advanced GIF Animator  v.4.6.9

Advanced GIF Animator is a powerful tool for creating animated GIF images. With this outstanding software, you can create pictures, banners, buttons, and even movies. You can use the built-in image editor or any stand-alone graphics editor to create image ...

Easy GIF Animator  v.6.2

Easy GIF Animator is powerful yet very easy to use software for creating and editing animated GIF images. With this animated GIF editor you can easily create animated pictures, banners and buttons in no time. You can use special features to add stunning ...

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