Political Economy


Micro Economy Model  v.1.6

It is a graphical interface that represents mathematical equations based on an economy theory. Economic variables are shown as equations in order to represent what the theory means. Using complex mathematical processes such as Gauss polynomial estimation ...

Toolbar for Political Costumes  v.1

IE Toolbar for finding the best discount prices on halloween costumes, political costumes and masks of US politicians like George Bush, Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, Bill Clinton, John McCain, Dick Cheney, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Condoleeza Rice, Laura ...


Political Issues  v.1.0

Political issues toolbar for internet explorer. Mario Piperni's views on political issues from a no-nonsense left-of-center perspective. As one who has followed politics with a passion for the last thirty years, I?ve come to the conclusion that a liberal ...

Political one liners and Bushisms-part2  v.1

A compilation of very funny political one liners in screensaver form by various polititians and well known personalities. Political one liners. The screen saver. Political one liners that are perfect for speech writers, politicians, roasters, comedians, ...

Funniest Political Jokes Premium  v.

Enjoy the greatest gallery featuring top and classic political jokes, including funny Bush, Clinton, Bin Laden jokes, and many others. This collection of top shelf political humor will satisfy even the most zealous politic fanatics with a laugh or two ...

Fuel Economy Tracker  v.

Use our Fuel Economy Tracker to quickly calculate the fuel economy of your vehicle.

Just enter your distance travelled and fuel volume used for instant results.

Supports both metric and US imperial calculations. Results shown as;

Metric: ...

Political News Channel  v.

Developed by zubayda
different Political channels enable you follow latest news by easy way.

Fuel Economy Calculator  v.

This is a Fuel Economy calculator it works both in the Metric (L/100K) and American (MPG) systems. It calculates the fuel cost per mile of travel, and converts Miles into Kilometers, and Liters into Gallons.

Economy News  v.

Get the Economy latest news into one place. Healine and latest news feeds from the following:

NT Times
USA Today

More to be added soon!

U.S. Political News  v.

political news from the leading national sources. This app is not affiliated with the sourced included within.

Net Colony -- A Political Simulation  v.1.0

NetColony is a political simulation game focussing on colonial development. A range of human affairs is covered in the game: war, economics, crime, science, etc. Players manage Interests, each being a political force with a special Agenda to fulfill.

Political Invaders

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to plaster as many politicians and their henchmen with pies as you can. The politicians, who don't really like getting blasted in the face with a pie, will drop bombs on you. The bombs will do you great ...

Dictionary of Economy Terms  v.

Making sense of these and over 2500 other key terms, the Dictionary of Economy Terms is a must-have reference tool for business students, professionals and consumers alike.
Quick and easy to use on the move, this application is being downloaded fully ...

Political Polls  v.

Follow what people think of the political world, current events, consumer confidence and the president's job approval ratings.

Follow links in the reports to read even more analysis about the particular poll.

Keep up-to-date on what ...

FS Economy client for FSX  v.

The FSE program, ('FSE client' or 'FSE Agent') is what bridges your Flight Simulator with the FSE website and database. When you start up the program, it will take a few seconds to 'locate' your open MSFS. Look in the lower left corner of the program ...

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