Poems With Multiplication Tables


Multiplication Tables  v.

This app provides to be a quick guide for the traditionally taught multiplication tables, as a part of elementary Mathematics. Simple and easy to use.

Version Update(v1.1)

On popular demand added "Take Test" functionality. Now you can ...

Multiplication Game  v.1 1

Multiplication Game is a free-to-use game for primary school level children. The game is all about multiplication tables. Memorizing multiplication tables is difficult but also is necessary for basic education. Some children hate mathematics because it ...


Times Tables Tutor  v.

An effective times tables tutorial application that makes learning the multiplication tables easier for children. Developed with educators to help 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students succeed. This application works its way up the multiplication factors in ...

Math Games Multiplication

Memorizing multiplication tables is an essential part of elementary education. A student who has mastered multiplication gains a solid foundation for achievement in mathematics throughout high school and beyond.

Math Games Multiplication software ...

Multiplication Master  v.2 1

Free multiplication tables practice software.

Fast, simple and easy to use for budding multiplication masters of all ages!

Keeps your score so you can see how well you're doing.

Single table mode lets you focus on one multiplication ...

Maths Tables  v.

This app provides to be a quick guide for the traditionally taught multiplication tables. Simple and easy to use ...

Math tables  v.

Learn the multiplication tables playing.
You can this app to learn and practice the multiplication table
You can the buttons to answer questions and guess the right answer, and see if you answered correctly or you sbalgiato the answer.
To ...

Tables  v.

This app is for kids to learn multiplication tables through interactive interface.

Times Tables Lite  v.

Times Tables is a straightforward, easy-to-use app to help kids learn their multiplication tables. No frills, no story to progress through, nothing to unlock - just great arithmetic practice. Users are presented a multiplication problem and enter their ...

Timez Attack  v.4 4

Timez Attack is an educational game that kids can use to practice the multiplication tables.

You will help the character you have chosen (a male or female frog) to escape the 'Dungeon of Ignurantz'. To do so, you must apply your multiplication ...

Multi Maze Mountain 2  v.1 2

Multi Maze Mountain is a computergame dealing with the multiplication tables.
You are trapped in a maze and you have to find the door to exit this
maze. You also have to collect three keys to open this door. The maze
is blocked with green, ...

Rewards Multiply  v.2 2

Rewards Multiply is an educational program that combines the study of multiplication tables with fun. The method is easy, after completing a round, the program offers a reward. It includes 12 predefined rewards, but in the 'Program settings' you can change ...

2 Players Math  v.

Practice math with your kids! This app will make your kids crazy about multiplication tables! Your kids will excel at school and become mathematics champions!

2 Players Math is a free app that pits two opponents on one phone against each other ...

MathMultiplication  v.

The best way to experience multiplication tables on your phone.Very Specially Designed For Kids and Primary Level.

MathMatic  v.

MathMatic is a very useful program that can be used at any age, both for learning and practicing the multiplication tables. When you run the program you can select what multiplication tables you wish to study. Once you have selected them, you can start ...

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