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Cribbage Squares  v.3. 2. 2003

In Cribbage Squares you try to create the best eight hands (four horizontal and four vertical) possible by playing one card at a time on the playfield. After the last card has been played each hand is counted and the total score recorded.

Cribbage ...

Teri Hatcher Screensaver  v.1.0

She comes from America and she becomes famous for playing one of the main rules in the 'Desperate housewifes' comedy-drama series, where she's played as Susan Mayer. The program supports Windows 95/Windows 98/Me/2000/XP platforms.


FastChords  v.

You can even let Fastchords find the optimal chord configuration to simplify playing one chord after another. It has the capability to transpose entire songs, to play chords and melody notes, to play scales, to identify chord names from piano keys played, ...

Catan - The Computer Game  v.

In the computer version of the game, you will be playing one player and the rest of the players will be played by the computer. The game doesn't allow to play several players at a time because you shouldn't be able to see what the other players ...

History Quiz  v.1.0

The fact that the game doesn't include too many questions, and some of them are repeated when you start playing one more time, comes as a disadvantage. That means that after several times of playing, you will already know the answer and you will be able ...

Super Collapse! III  v.32.0

You can also get extra coins by playing one of Quest's mini-games, including memory and shell games, and slot machines. It also features the other modes included in the previous versions such as Puzzle Mode, Strategy Mode, and Relapse Mode. If you have ...

XFX Domino  v.

Features already implemented into the game:
-Offline playing with support for three computer-based players and one human player
-Ability to set several options to match different playing rules
-Ability to set the computer's level
-Ability to change the shape, size and colors of the pieces
-Ability to keep track the four player's played pieces
-Ability to keep track of the game's scoring mimicking the way the game is usually annotated
-Smooth playing animations
-Fully resizable interface
-Customizable players names
-Support for 'suggestions' (so the computer can suggest you the best possible move)
-Intelligent engine supports playing one against each ...

CMUDPro  v.2 37

Are you tired of the constant grind of the graphical MMO games? Tired of paying monthly subscription fees? Try playing one of the hundreds of free text-based adventure games on the Internet using CMUD: The fastest and most versatile MUD client from the ...

African Geography Tutor  v.

Afterwards, you can challenge your memory by playing one of the two game modes available. In Find Countries mode, you will be asked to locate the country mentioned, and you are given 49 chances to guess its location. In the other game mode, Identify ...

Multistream ASIO Player  v.3.00

While playing one track, click on any other and the new tracks begins playing instantly. Combine this feature with Single Play Mode and you're a DJ. It can also accept command line arguments, meaning you can run it under your favourite database manager ...

Multi Player  v.1.1

Audio events scheduler for announcements allows use Multi zone audio player as radio automation solution while playing one or more audio streams.

Boink  v.3.3

Download your friendsl playlists, and add a now playing box to your blog.Plug into the greatest playlist social network for iTunes. Exchange playlists with friends and sync-up your music between your computers. Boink automatically compares iTunes music ...

SonicSwap Boink (formerly myTunes)  v.3.3.0

With BOINK you can add a now playing box to your blog or mySpace that changes with every track you play.Boink downloads cover art automatically for any tracks that the iTunes Music Store doesn't have. Hot-keys give you better control and automate track ...

Make Money from playing Video Games set

Learn how you can Make Money from playing Video Games in this eBook trilogy. Discover how you can play games for money. Make Money playing Video Games through the three eBooks in this software bundle.

This trilogy incorporates three eBooks into ...

MB Playing Card Astrology

MB Playing Card Astrology generates a playing card reading based on your birthday. Each card and suite of cards is associated with different personality traits which help you in understanding yourself better. Playing cards have been used for astrology ...

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