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Frozen Fruits  v.1 4

Frozen Fruits is s free platform puzzle game with 35 challenging levels for Windows PC.When you start the game, your spheroid fruitcrusher has just entered the alien's storage building.Infiltrate all of their 35 gigantic fruit storage buildings and destroy ...

Gamebuddy  v.1 2

It includes different game categories: 3D, arcade, action, humor, motor sport, platform, puzzle, etc.

In order to play you need to open the 'Games Menu' window. After choosing a game, you will need to wait for downloading it ( the upload ...


Snowy Joe  v.1.0

Snowy Joe is a side scrolling platform puzzle game. It is intended as a free giveaway and should kill around 10 minutes of your time. The game has a winter theme and a nice 'cutesy' art style. It is comprised of a tutorial level along with 10 exciting ...

Eine und Kleine  v.

Get Eine and Kleine through the levels of this sweet platform puzzle game. Active and vivid adventure platformer with two nice heroes. Jump and collect stars with your partner! Use the arrow keys to move and the spacebar to switch between the two heroes.

Xdriller  v.0.7.3

Xdriller is a cross-platform puzzle/arcade video game. Xdriller is based on the gameplay of the Mr. Driller series, where you have to drill through Tetris-like screens of blocks and collect power-ups while avoiding being squashed by falling blocks.Xdriller ...

Falling Sky  v.

Falling Sky is a simple platform / puzzle game! The idea is to get as high as you can by jumping / climbing the falling blocks!

You can double jump, cling on to the edges and blast the blocks away to help you get to the top!


Global ...

Morphball  v.

Morphball is a 2D platform-puzzle game where the goal is to travel from start to finish. You need to avoid hazards and use different things, like fans, to get where you want. You control a ball that, when it touches a bubble, transform into a different ...

Buzz  v.

Buzz is an amazing, fun and free platform puzzle game for Windows Phone. This game uses the latest and greatest Windows Phone capabilities to deliver you the #1 platform puzzle game for Windows Phone.

Buzz is fun and unique because it utilizes ...

ArachQuest  v.

He needs to find his way through a platform puzzle maze. 10 progressively more difficult levels each contain 5 flies for collecting, and will keep you worrying for your little friend.

Alex the Alien!  v.

Awarded Xbox Live Indie Game of the Month by The Go (9/09), Alex the Alien (aka Alien Pyramid Challenge) is now available for Windows Phone with more levels, more mummy, and more sarcasm! In this retro-style platform/puzzle game, you're trapped in an ...

All Out Race  v.2.0

All Out Race is a 3D racing arcade game, a platform game, a puzzle game and a first-person shooting game in one for Windows XP/Vista/Seven. And the player can go through eras such as ancient Egypt, medieval and sci-fi worlds.This game is lots of fun.

Treasures of Montezuma HTML5  v.1.1

This cross-platform puzzle game has lots of episodes and three gaming modes. Match the masks, tokens and gold to collect crystals.
Play this exciting match3 adventure and collect all the artifacts hidden into tokens. Collect all of the gems before ...

SpectrumSpelunker  v.1.0.2

Join Hue on a colorful adventure! Spectrum Spelunker: Shoot Blocks to Win the Game: Also Jump and Run: Starring Hue is a platform / puzzle hybrid game. Control Hue, the game’s unassuming protagonist, as he navigates an obstacle course of color ... Jigsaw Puzzle Player  v.

JigsawPlayer is the platform independent, online/offline playback module for the Jigsaw Puzzle Engine.This program allows you to save & load a puzzle in progress, multi-piece grabbing and moving, shuffle loose pieces to the top,it has liquid interface ...

123 Free Puzzle - Card Games Collection

123 FREE Puzzle 2005 is an exciting collection of eight Puzzle Card Games.
123 Free Puzzle 2005 features a winning layout, fast game play, rich sounds, extensive options, and quality help.
123 Free Puzzle 2005 features eight great Puzzle games: ...

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