Plasmaplugs Scroll Bar


Plasmaplugs Scroll Bar  v.2.0

Notable features * Scroll any movie clip and layout components (eg. Plasmaplugs Table Renderer, Macromedia Flash Datagrid) * Horizontal/Vertical orientation * Switch scrolling targets during runtime * Choice and adjustment of scroll easing types * Choice ...

Scroll Bar with Preview Content  v.1

Dynamic scroll bar with fast preview content attached to the scroll bar. User can see fast content preview and can orient himself in the article (or other type of content) by picture, text colors as etc. Scrolling by mouse, keyboard.


Plasmaplugs Progress Bar  v.2.0

movie clip, XML, sound, loader) * Choice of fill direction * Custom text for label and label position adjustment * Choice and adjustment of progress bar fill easing types * Automatic/Manual progress * Choice of different display modes * Customizable ...

VISCOM Image PDF Thumbnail ActiveX

Allow user define Vertical or Horizontal scroll bar in thumbnail view. Supports BMP, GIF, ICO, JPEG, J2K, JP2, JPC, J2C, PCX, PNG, PSD, TIF, WMF, WBMP, TGA, PGX, RAS, PNM file format and customizable files. Support loading the image clips from folder.

Flash Media Gallery by FD24  v.1.0.2

With a beautiful and practical design, a thumbnail scroll bar lets you quickly choose the necessary movie clip or photo from the playlist. The installation package contains the Dreamweaver extension (MediaGallery.mxp) allowing you the ability to easily ...

Facebook Fan Page Image Gallery AS3  v.1

FEATURES: * Multiple image categories support; * Easy to use XML file for images / titles / descriptions and links; * Scroll Bar component support for the text description box and image menu; * Use roll over scroll for the image menu or scroll bar component; ...

Vertical Image Scroller  v.1.0

Variables that you can change: BarHeight the height of the scroller bar BarWidthOver for the 3rd effect, the width of the bar when mouse is over the picture BarWidth the width of the scroll bar Spacing spacing between pictures alpha alpha for the picture ...

Image Scroller Effect  v.1.0

Variables that you can change: BarHeight the height of the scroller bar; BarHeightOver for the 3rd effect, the height of the bar when mouse is over the picture; BarWidth the width of the scroll bar; Spacing spacing bettwen pictures; alpha alpha for the ...

Smart Scroll  v.2.8.7

Smart Scroll enhances regular scroll bars so that they indicate how much of a document is displayed in a window. The indicator tab in the scroll bar becomes proportional: if a window is displaying half of a document, the tab will be half the scroll bar ...

Application Bar Icons for Windows Phone 7  v.2011.1

Application Bar Icons for Windows Phone 7. The icons are 48 x 48 pixels, mostly transparent, with the actual image centered to the image in a square of 26x26 pixels Technically, developers get 252 unique app icons drawn in matching style, each coming ...

Free Focused Scroll  v.0.7

# Most notably running in "absolute" mode allows the driver: Two-finger scrolling like the new Apple laptops with the new USB trackpads;# Linear scroll regions that can be placed anywhere. This adds the functionality of a scroll-wheel;# Hotspots to bind ...

Advanced XML Scroll NEWS  v.1.0

Variables that you can change: newsWidth set the width of the news area; newsHeight set the height of the news area this includes the antet; lineColor set the color for the lines of the scoll and news area; number set the numbers of news displayed on the news area; scrollWidth set the scroll bar width; pictureBorder ...

MouseImp Pro Live!

The Direct Scroll feature makes it easier to scroll through windows. Instead of using a scroll bar, you can activate MouseImp and scroll by moving the mouse up or down anywhere in the window.

Photographer Websites-XML Scroller Gallery  v.1

XML driven gallery with scroll-er menu and presentation. Clean white design. No Flash knowledge is required for setting up this template.You don't need to know any code, all is configured with external XML files. Features : - Auto-Adjusting resolution.

Household Calculator

Use a scroll bar to navigate the window with log history. You can save the calculation history into text file or print it. Before this you can change size and style of the font in History Window.

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