Pj Harvey


PJ Components AS3, Flash Text Effects

PJ offers advanced customization, different start-directions, alignment, automatic positioning, dynamic input, quick preview and the unique features of multiple fonts and color per effect, optimization for pixelfonts and adding Flash 8 filters to text.

PJ Components  v.2.0.0

PJ Components are text effect plugins used directly in Flash 6,7 or 8 .fla files. Containing 400+ predefined text effect variations, meant for users of any skill-level. It offers advanced customization, different start-directions, alignment options, automatic ...


Harvey Wallbanger

You're Harvey Wallbanger, the hottest dude to hit the disco scene. Show everyone what you have as you move across the dance floor, movin? and grooving your way into the Private Back Room. This game features awesome 3D graphics, over 100 dance clubs and ...

PJ Appear Text Effect  v.1

PJ appear - text effect from the PJ collection. Drag&drop text effect for Flash CS3 and up. Most versatile customizable components available. Offering a large number of features and several exclusive options and customizations.

PJ Remix Beta  v.1 22

We've lost count of the curries, kebabs and development hours that have gone into making Photojunction the best album-planning package you can't buy - because, thanks to Queensberry, it's free. Check 'em out, they pay the bills. Colour-managed workflow.

Power Pack, Flash MX Text Effects  v.1.0.0

Power Pack, the "PJ" and "Supreme4" collections of Flash Text Effects. Until recently only as Wildform SWFX/WildFX plugins, they are now available as Macromedia Flash MX (MX / 2004 / 2004 professional) Component collections.

Great new features ...

HarveyBalls Font  v.001.001

Just select the Harvey Balls font from your application (just like you would select Times or Arial). When you are using the Harvey Balls font, you can draw any of the balls by typing the numbers 0-9.The neat thing about using it in Excel is that you ...

Super Reminder Man  v.1 2

SO EASY TO USE!!! By Patrick Harvey (MRGALAXY) ...

Supreme4 Components  v.2.1.3

The successor of the PJ collection, equally popular and impactful. Supreme4 contains more specialized scripted effects and extra elements for even more visual dynamic results. Together with PJ collection also available as combo Power Pack Components.

Dawns Light  v.1.0

After losing everyone he ever loved, Harvey is driven to revenge... but will his hatred cause him to become no different than the ones he is trying to stop?Dawn's Light features tons of enthralling puzzles, unique dungeon designs, an epic storyline and ...

Warlock News  v.

All the news about your favorite pj at World of Warcraft (Warlock) ...

PhotoGrok  v.1.80

PhotoGrok uses Phil Harvey's excellent ExifTool utility to categorize photos and other file types by meta data. It runs on Java 5 and up but some features are only available in Java 6. It's been tested on Windows, Macintosh and Linux. PhotoGrok automatically ...

ExifTool GUI for Windows  v.

ExifTool GUI is a (free) Graphical User Interface for an already existing EXIF editor called ExifTool, developed by Phil Harvey, a full-featured - command-line - utility. The only downside for many potential users is the fact, that ExifTool is a "Command-Line" ...

Hectare  v.1.0

Hectare is an educational game designed in 2010 by students of Harvey Mudd College for middle-schoolers in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The game teaches the importance of the environment for small settlements by placing the player in control of the weather.

Supreme4 Components, Flash Text Effects

Drag&drop text effect plugins for use directly in .fla files ( Flash MX/Pro 2004/8). Containing over 200 predefined effect variations from 40+ templates ... For users of any skill-level. Supreme4 offers advanced customization, different start-directions, ...

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