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PHP DataGrid (AJAX Enabled) - PHP Data Grid Web Control

PHP DataGrid (AJAX Enabled) script is a simple, innovative and powerful tool for generating data-bound grid control. It was specially designed for web developers. The PHP DataGrid is excellent for all PHP database-driven web sites and online-based data ...

A2 Flash Php Photo-Gallery  v.1.0

A2 Flash Php Multymedia Photo-Gallery is the easy way to design, organize, display, upload online fully-featured Php Flash Dynamic Photo-Gallery with thumbs. The gallery runs off advanced PHP with MySQL database, Actionscript code, No Flash PHP programming ...


Libgmailer for PHP  v.0.9.0.beta.8

libgmailer for PHP consists of 2 parts:{GMailer (libgmailer)} a PHP class/library for you to access GMail with PHP with ease.{gmail-lite} a plain HTML only interface of GMail, accessible by any browser on Earth.

Php aufgabenmanager  v.

A simple Taskplanner written in PHP with administration interface to manage user logins. Ein einfach gehaltener, in PHP geschriebener, Aufgabenmanager mit Administrationsoberflche zur Userverwaltung.

PSPE - Pascal's Simple PHP Engine  v.0.5

PSPE (Pascal's Simple PHP Engine), is a web site (building tool) written in PHP, with a little DHTML (and JavaScript) features, the content is in XML format. An easy to install procedures roundsup the feature list.

Simple PHP Agenda  v.2.2.8

A simple agenda tool written in PHP with MySQL backend. An agenda tool accessible everywere there's internet. Easy to install and configure. Key-features include: scheduling appointments, holidays, todo lists, secure access, multiple users, etc.


DoliWamp is the Dolibarr ERP/CRM autoinstaller for Windows users with no technical knowledge to install Dolibarr and all its prerequisites (Apache, Mysql, PHP) with just one auto-exe file. Dolibarr ERP/CRM is a software built by modules addition (you ...

Rock Solid Contact US System  v.0.7.3

A secure Contact US web form write in PHP, with optional visual confirmation, optional email confirmation, internationalization, easy to customize with template. Keep email private, eliminate 99.99% undesired spam. Prevent bot automation and invalid/spoof ...

AIM Extended Profile  v.3.0

An AIM Profile system written in PHP with a MySQL backend. Includes a Wysiwyg Editor (SPAW) for easy profile editing.

Bugsbuddy  v.1.0

A simple Bugtracker writting in PHP with the use of AJAX. It also supports browsers without javascript.

FreeGW  v.0.8.1

A browsergame in PHP with MySQL and Smarty.

Household Expense Sharing  v.1.3.2

Household Expense Sharing is a web based software to share expenses in a household for 2 persons written in PHP with a MySQL backend database.

Meltdown BBS  v.1.0.beta

Meltdown BBS is a free, web-based Bulletin Board System written in PHP with a MySQL backend.Meltdown BBS allows message and file exchange and advanced control over users' access. It is designed to be compatible with Fidonet-technology networks.

MyMeeting  v.1868

A meeting management and decision status tracking software written in php with mysql as the backend and cakephp as the development framework.

Online Video Viewer  v.1.0

Our Video viewer is passed on PHP with a MySQL backend to store usernames, passwords and the like. It stores video files for people to see, with exiration dates of how long a user can have an account ...

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