Php Sms Computer Interface


AERIS Computer Interface  v.2. 2. 2003

AERIS Computer Interface allows you to gather an impressive amount of data regarding scuba diving.
Dive feature allows you to view/change the dive data information: Life Time Dive (view only), Date, DC Dive, DC Model (view only), DC Serial Number ...

FSAcars for PHP  v.1.0

FSAcars-PHP is a php based web interface for the popular FSAcar system for Microsoft FS9. This system will have an admin interface, user registration, integration with other php-based software, and individual user flight views.


Php aufgabenmanager  v.

A simple Taskplanner written in PHP with administration interface to manage user logins. Ein einfach gehaltener, in PHP geschriebener, Aufgabenmanager mit Administrationsoberflche zur Userverwaltung.

PHP DataBase Adapter Generator  v.3

This tool creates a PHP class to interface to a given database table. The PHP class is a simple relational object mapper. It maps table columns to class attributes. It provides basic CRUD methods as well as utility methods such as CSV import and export.

DeepSoftware HID Plugin Universal  v.

HID Plugin helps to control your media player from any Human Interface Device (HID). The HID device can be connected by Infrared, Bluetooth or any other computer interface. Plugin allows to assign an any HID button to the player actions.In this mode you ...

LedCenterM  v.5.0.7

LedCenter is a control software with a high-class human-computer interface, convenient operation and powerful functions. Operators can easily edit professional programs which include multiple windows, various file format (picture, animation, text and ...

JtB Dive LogBook  v.2.5.1 Beta

Interface with UWATEC Aladin (serial connection). Records general dive data, dive profile (only with dive computer interface), generates a report and produces some statistics. Persistence : XML based.Requirements:
* Java ...

Ham Radio Control Libraries  v.b.1.2.14

The Hamlib project's purpose is to develop flexible and portable shared libraries that offer a standardized API to control any radio oriented equipment through a computer interface.

Md5crkPHPGUI  v.0.8

md5crkPHPGUI is a PHP based graphical interface for md5crk clients ( It features live status updates, hardware info and user stats info.

Vulnerability Scanning Cluster  v.2.0

The VSC is a PHP/MySQL/Apache Interface for Nessus 2.x. It allows users to hierarchically manage hosts, scanning policies, and request automated immediate, future/reccuring scans of a host or group of hosts, view scan reports and generate metrics.

SMS Gateway - Enterprise

SMS gateway for high capacity SMSC connections over SMPP, UCP, CIMD2 or GSM Modems. Ideal platform for SMS notification, SMS paging, two way SMS systems, or for becoming an SMS service provider. It supports SMS API for SQL, .NET, PHP, ASP and for OEM ...

Send Bulk SMS from Mobile  v.

org that introduces standard sending sms software from PC to mobiles. Innovative text sending software requires no internet connection to Send Bulk SMS from Mobile. Easy to operate data transferring application has ability to deliver promotional, notification, ...

Orbit42-Base: for good php class design.  v.1.0

The Orbit42 Base Class is a building block for the creation of loosely coupled classes in php. Provides MySQL interface in such a way as to allow the database type to be changed by replaceing only the base class.

Php Pdf Factory  v.0.8.1

PDFLib-free PDF creation using PHP. It has interface compatible with php pdf creator (pdf-php library).Implements most of Adobe recommended features like PageTrees, Outlines, and so on.

WorldView  v.1.0

WorldView is a world map graphic user interface (GUI). The application runs on Windows based operating systems, and acts as a client to the SCADA host computer. It provides a single world coordinates based graphical view of the system, arranged schematically ...

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