Php Protect Function


EasyTables  v.

Has password protect function and supports exporting to Ms Excel.How to create a new table?
Run popup menu in tray Table->Create new table.
In opened window input the table name (like "My sites") and icon you like.
By default this table will ...

EasyPhpInsert - Php Html Protect page  v.1.5

About EasyPhpInsert - Php Html Protect pageCreate in few minutes html protected pages by user/password with the power of the Php - No coding required or PHP knowledge.Automatic creation of the necessary pages for the user s registration, lost password, ...


PHP Processor

PHP Processor is designed to help you protect your intellectual property when distributing PHP source files. The other use for PHP Processor is to optimize PHP source code and considerably decrease size of your source code files. PHP Processor provides ...

ByteRun Builder for PHP  v.

Full-featured PHP script encoder that allows developers to distribute PHP projects without revealing source code.

All scripts protected by ByteRun Protector for PHP are converted to bytecode and encrypted. These scripts contain no source code, ...

Blosxom.PHP  v.1.0

PHP is a port of Blosxom to PHP, a lightweight but feature-rich weblog application. It is designed for simplicity, usability, and interoperability in mind. Users can create, edit, delete, and move blog entries, categories, and parameters on the command ...

OX Word to PDF Converter  v.1.1.2

Word to PDF Converter document also possesses edit function to edit PDF files. With the help of this software, users can combine multiple files into one PDF document, set password to prevent modifying the files and comments, compress texts and ...

BT Engine  v.4 7

Besides, BT Engine is the only software that could provide disk protect function for BitTorrent download.

DatAdmin  v.5.4.2 Rev 2651

PHP tunnel function allows user connection to database accessible only ofrom PHP scripts
10. Database design, which is independend on target database. Support for database diagrams
11. Automatic master/detail view (based on foreign keys defined ...

DatAdmin Professional  v.5.4.0

PHP-tunnel function for connection to MySQL without direct access to the database server.2. Database management
Tables, keys, indexes and references creation and editing. Database object management (views, procedures, functions, schemas, triggers).

MgSMTP  v.0.9r

Of course, it takes e-mails from the PHP mail function.To install:
1. Extract the contents of the package to a directory you'd like it. For example: "C:Program FilesMgSMTP".
2. Make a configuration file and create a mailbox for "postmaster".

MegaBrutal's SMTP Server 0.9r  v.1.0

Of course, it takes e-mails from the PHP mail function.

EMinifier  v.1.1.0

0 there is a new PHP scrambling function. This tool can reduce your CSS/JS size with 50%! Features - CSS and JS minify/compression. - HTML scramler, PHP officially not supported.

PHP Function Reference  v.1.0

PHP Function reference provides fast lookup of information about the PHP web programming language.Major features include the following:- Offline access to the same documenation found on Extensive cheat sheet of common PHP language syntax- Interactive ...

PHP Function Index  v.2.1

The PHP Function Index (PHPfi) is a simple browser to quickly look up any PHP function. Its search offers realtime-filtering of the function list and it downloads and caches the user contributed notes from PHP.NET for instant lookup. Additionally its ...

PHP Locker

Protect shipped PHP code without any additional loaders. PHP Locker is powerful software for encoding your PHP source code. It makes PHP code very difficult to understand or reverse-engineer. Compare with other PHP encoding software, it doesn't need to ...

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