Pgp Encryption Java


Sherrod FTP Client

Free FTP Client for home and business with multiple connections, scheduled jobs , command line options, quick history connect, log viewer, optional automatic PGP encryption/decryption. secure FTP connections, Scheduled jobs allow automated backups to/from ...

Robo-FTP  v.3.9.11

Robo-FTP also features integrated PGP encryption/decryption to maintain the highest level of data security. It also supports integrated zip archive management, sending and receiving e-mail messages (no separate e-mail client required), single ...


Sherrod FTP  v.1. 3. 2002

Sherrod FTP Client supports multi-threaded uploads/downloads, multiple server connections (tab based), scheduled tasks to upload or download files, sync folders (great for doing backups), automatic PGP encryption/decryption of files (Deluxe version only), ...

CGeep  v.4 4

cGeep is a powerful PGP encryption software using the OpenPGP standard.cGeep lets you encrypt any file on a PC, simply by right-clicking, and no need to enter a password. OpenPGP encryption is well-known for its inviolability. The Outlook Office 2000/XP/2003/2007 ...

PMMail 2000 Professional  v.2.20.2717

1) PMMail 2000 Professional features PGP encryption licensed from Network Associates and legal for international export.

2) PMMail is designed to handle multiple email accounts easily. This allows today's busy user one program to gather ...

Cryptocx v6  v.6. 2. 2009

Cryptocx is an encryption OpenPGP (PGP) component dll designed for use in all modern development environments. Cryptocx encrypts and decrypts data using standards compliant algorithms to make sure that your information is totally secured. It is very easy ...

CGeep Pro  v.4.07e

1-click email encryption on Outlook
2. Free Decryption Service for your recipients
3. Fully OpenPGP compliant
4. cGeep OpenPGP API & SDK for developers!cGeep Pro is designed to provide an easy access to security while sending emails and files.

Automize  v.11.10

The program is written in Java and therefore Multi-platform compatible.

Sysax FTP Automation  v.6.18

It has many useful features such as transfer status monitoring, email notification, file (de)compression, OpenPGP Encryption and Decryption, task scheduling, FTP scripting, public key authentication, client side SSL certificates and detailed log files.

FileAssurity OpenPGP  v.

Encrypted and signed files can be shared with OpenPGP compliant software and the import, export and generation of PGP format keys is supported. You don't even have to import root certificates as it's unique Trusted Authority system already contains a ...

RTF-2-HTML v5  v.5. 9. 2007

NET, C#, Delphi, Java, dotNet and many more) Just a few lines of code and its done!

Royalty FREE distribution rights.

RTF-2-HTML v5 does not require any additional software to convert RTF to HTML, such as MS Word which ALL of our competitors ...

Robo-FTP Server  v.3. 2. 2005

Even sophisticated workflows involving zip/unzip, PGP encryption, e-mail notification, custom file naming, and connecting to other FTP servers can be automated with a few simple commands.

Automize8  v.8.0

This reliable tool supporting an efficient automating engine can perfectly automate more than 1000 tasks that include: scripting, SFtp tasks, SFtp browser tasks, open PGP encryption, task synchronization, local and Internet applications, email notification, ...

PMMail 2000  v.2.20.2717

features: multiple account, filters (complex and simple), various decoding formats, import filters for all popular email clients, wav file support and more. PMMail is simple to use yet extremely powerful.

EasyByte RSS News Ticker  v.1. 5. 2009

In a world where our email systems are overflowing, EasyByte Ticker will help set you free! EasyByte Ticker intelligently gathers news and information from ANY website or RSS Feed. The headlines and information such as stock quotes can scroll along the ...

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