Perl Script Monitor


Script Monitor Service  v.

Script Monitor Service is a simple Windows Service that will log in the Scripts Event Log (which will be created) the Start and End times of all .vbs , .bat , .ps1 & .hta files. An additional log file will also record the complete command line & arguments ...

Script GUI for PHP  v.1.0.3

Ever dreamed running a PHP or Perl script by just double-clicking on a file in the Windows Explorer, so that it will automatically load into a webbrowser with the correct URL? Thought of testing PHP code without having to upload it to the website first? ...


Andrew's Time Card Script  v.0.4.0

A perl script to replace old time card systems with a terminal. It will have a GTK front end.

Debian Mirroring Script  v.1.2

Debian Mirroring Script is a Perl Script for automatic mirroring of Debian GNU/Linux distributions.

Easy Network Automatic Script (ENAS)  v.alpha

Enas is a perl script that can telnet cisco router or switch andexecute some command and at the end log the work on a file.

SonosWeb  v.0.72

A perl script runs and emulates a HTTP server and acts as an UPnP Control Point. The HTTP server portion handles all the requests from the UI, while the UPnP Control Point portion talks to the Sonos boxes. This design was used so Apache or another web ...

VisiPerl+  v.2 5

visiPerl is a software program for Perl Integrated Development Environment and is used to combine the most used programs to write a Perl script into one environment.This software is powerful editor, mini-Web Server, full FTP client, Code Templates, a ...

Unicounter  v.1 3

This sophisticated Perl script can perform all the basic requirements of a web counter. It can :-
act as a page-hit counter;
act as a download counter;
track ip addresses to avoid false increments;
disable caching;
output counter ...

Uniform Mail  v.1.0

This sophisticated Perl script can perform all the basic requirements of a form mail program.
It is secure. If configured correctly, it cannot be usefully hijacked by spammers;
It is powerful and flexible. Most configuration parameters can be ...

AutoGlow  v.1.0

PERL script and required environment to easily use the Afterglow software ( Copyright (c) 2006 Raffael Marty) by listing the packet captures to visualize or by specifying a directory that contains the packet captures.

Bahrein  v.70b

Bahrein is a Perl script that allows you to chat over AIM through only e-mail. All incoming IMs are forwarded through GMail to your destination - and you can reply just as easily back through e-mail to IM again.

BeetleStats Utility  v.1.3

BeetleStatsUtil is a Perl script that reads the file, BeetleStats.dat, (generated from BeetleFart's Minimum Admin mod for Counter-Strike:Source), and prints player rankings in html table format, suitable for use on a web page.

Cd2mp3  v.3.beta3

no-nonsence perl script for ripping a cd to mp3'ssmall and easy ...

Checkdirs  v.1.10

Checkdirs is a perl script that runs on UNIX-based operation systems as well as on pretty much any recent Windows. Checkdirs is designed to test ISO (containing a .sfv) as well as ZIPped releases for their integrity. Many more functions, try it out!

Chess position POV-Ray source generator  v.1.1

A Perl script which accepts a chess position (in the FEN format) as input and outputs POV-Ray source, which, when rendered by POV-Ray, produces a 3-D view of the chess position.

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