Percent Change Calculator


Change Calculator  v.

This quick and easy calculator helps you keep track of how much change you have. You can track pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters, half dollars, dollar coins, dollar bills, $5 bills and $10 bills and $20 bills. The amount is sticky, and will reload when ...

Percent Calc Discount Calculator  v.

The most user friendly percent discount calculator on Windows Phone 7.
- One handed
- thumb friendly
- Fun Grand Total Animation
- easy to use
- fast way to calculate a discount ...


Percent Calc 7  v.


Features :

✓ Increase a value by a percent

✓ Decrease a value by a percent

✓ Calculate the percent change between two values

✓ Calculate X percent of a Y value

✓ Calculate Y percent of ...

Resdiff  v.1.1.2

resdiff help you calculate difference between results in two result files as percent change in file2 from file1 using equation 100%*(result2-result1)/|result1|. If file name for %-difference is not given, output is printed on screen (stdout).
This ...

Pay Assistant  v.

Paying Assistant:

Do you find hard to calculate a price on sales, a tip in a restaurant or your change when you buy something?

Now you have paying assistant

It contains:
-A price sale calculator
-A tip calculator ...

Tip & Percent 7  v.


Tip Calculator Features :

✓ Easy, quick and accurate tip calculation

✓ Rounding options

✓ Polished UI, beautiful design

✓ Large numeric keypad

✓ Large easy-to-read text and numbers

✓ ...

7 Percent  v.


Features :

✓ Increase a value by a percent

✓ Calculate the original value before X percent was added

✓ Decrease a value by a percent

✓ Calculate the original value before X percent was subtracted

✓ ...

Breaktru Percent  v.7.0

Percent lets you quickly calculate percentages such as tips, added taxes and price discounts. Easily find a percentage from an amount entered.
• Calculate the percentage of any number out of any number.
• Calculate any amount plus any percentage ...

MxCalc10B  v.

The best industry standard (*HP-10b emulator) Finance Calculator Software for Windows Phone. ~ Looks as good as the *HP-10BII
~ Performs as good as the *HP-10BII and more ..

Calculate loan payments, interest rates, amortization, discounted ...

DVDIdle  v.

are able to provide smooth DVD playback while DVD drive is sleep! Features include:
Very easy to use: works automatically in the background
Extends lifetime of DVD drive by up to 800 percent
Extends lifetime of DVD disc
Extends ...

Boachsoft SmartManager  v.2010.3.1

* Easy to use interface
* Previously rented alert
* Customer rental history
* DVD rental history
* Actor search
* Automatic late fee calculation
* Backup/Restore data
* Import Existing data
* Export data
* Customer Limit
* Rental Item Limit
* Support from Boachsoft
* Unlimited Support
* Capture customer photos from software
* Graphical analysis of Sales and Rentals
* Spreadsheet view of data
* Reservations
* Detailed Reports
* e-mail functionality
* Special offers
* Password protected setup
* Receipt printer, cash drawer and pole display compatibility
* Barcode support
* Powerful database system
* Pay on return
* Sell peripheral products
* Manage rentals
* Powerful Search module
* Customer accounts management system
* CD on demand (extra charge)
* Support for prepaid rentals
* Comprehensive information storage
* Customer photographs
* Network version available
* Rate options for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 day rental
* Weekend and part-day rate options
* Unlimited pricing schemes
* Option of two tax rates
* Option for closing day(s)
* Change calculator
* ...

Market Monitor Gadget  v.1.5

Options of viewing change in decimal and/or percent change format.
15. Changes in price are color coded within the gadget.
16. Persistent settings.

Stock Tiles  v.

- Keep list of pinned and unpinned tiles, so you can quickly choose which to show on the start screen
- Live tiles update quotes approximately every half hour
- Tiles are built to match your theme color, and to look similar to built-in apps
- Live tiles show additional information on the back of the tile, such as price change and last update ...

Percent Calculator 2  v.

Percent Calculator 2, an App to calculate VAT/expenses on products or discounts on products.
Simple, easy to understand and free.

Texas Holdem Hand Calculator  v.

Texas Holdem Hand Calculator - You can choose any starting cards, and see how they compare (for example AA vs 2 suited-connectors) preflop. You can then add the flop cards and see how the odds of winning change for each hand.
There is no random hand ...

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