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FurthurNet  v.1.7.5

FurthurNET is for bands that allow taping of their concerts, or maybe who dona€™t allow taping per-se, but will allow people to trade what has been taped over the years. FurthurNET is not like Kazaa or Napster because it does not allow trading of ...

3D Software Object Modeller Pro  v.

The development of the process is not difficult per se. Around twenty pictures of a real object should be taken from different angles with a camera - preferably mounted on a tripoid. This object should be arranged on a toggle calibration mat. This calibration ...


Lost Worlds  v.

To be precise, the game is not about history per se but it's a conglomerate of different kind of puzzles related to history or based on history. Even when one could relate the concept of history to the concept of 'old', the game interface is more like ...

RealWorld Change Cursor  v.2.0

The program does not have a user interface per se, so to change your cursors you have to go to the folder that contains them (generally C:WINDOWSCursors) and just right-click on any of them and select the preferred item from the context menu. You can ...

Daniusoft iPod Music Transfer  v.1. 2. 2010

Since the files you recover using this application are not copy protected, you can put them on another iPod, which is not legal per se.

Ultra Hal Assistant  v.

The user interface is not really attractive and could definitely be improved as well as the technology per se, since the conversation with the secretary s frequently out of context and not interesting. All in all, Ultra Hal Assistant offers something ...

Hunting Unlimited 2  v.1 21

The game per se requires a lot of patience, since it is really slow-paced and sometimes you may be looking for animals for hours. The 3D graphics are really amazing and the animals look great. The sound effects are also very good, and there's no music ...

Fruity Garden  v.2. 1. 2001

The game per se offers two difficulty modes: an easy and a common one. However, it doesn't present much difficulty in any of them, so I'd say the easy mode is specially designed for little kids.

The graphics are really cute, colorful and delightful, ...

Dora's Lost and Found Adventure  v.32.0

The game per se is extremely educational since Dora and her friends speak both in English and Spanish, helping kids learn to say things in both languages. She also encourages kids to speak aloud as they play, asking them questions all the time.

R-Excel Demo  v.1 2

The program per se is really simple and intuitive, and its interface is very similar to Window explorer. It supports Win98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista.

Wondershare PPT2Video Free  v.

In fact, it is a more like a trial of the Pro version than a free program per se.
All in all, Wondershare PPT2Video Free is a video converter which may only work if you have a short PPT file to convert. It features very limited functions.

Earth Explorer  v.6 1

Unfortunately, the zoom is not that powerful as that of Google Earth: since it only has 30m/pixel resolution you won't be able to see the cities per se.

In short, Earth Explorer is a wonderful tool to explore the world from your ...

Chameleon Calendar  v.

The calendar per se and the program are available in multiple languages and they are very easy to use. All the settings can be saved, so you don't have to set them all over again when the program starts. However, the program doesn't include ...

BHOCaptor  v.0.5

BHOs don't require a user interface per se (though many also install Internet Explorer toolbars). Therefore, its possible that there are BHOs installed on your system that you don't know about. BHOCaptor makes it easy to see what BHOs are installed ...

MagicPrefs  v.2.4.2

MagicPrefs does not install any kernel extensions not it otherwise have impact on your system while it is not running or disabled, it is not a driver per se, it just monitors the Apple multitouch driver built in OS X to get information about the touches ...

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