Parts Of An Earthworm


THE SETTLERS - Rise of an Empire  v.1.71.4289

The Settlers: Rise Of An Empire is a real-time strategy game and the sixth in The Settlers series. It was developed by Blue Byte and published by UbiSoft.
In video games, as in many other fields, change is essential to evolve. Surely this is what ...

Radiation Diagram of an Antenna Array  v.1.0

Study antenna array with this tool. Radiation Diagram of an Antenna Array help you study the effects of the number, distance and phase shift of several coupled antennas on the radiation pattern.
In wave theory, a phased array is a group of antennas ...


Other Visual Simulation of an O.S.  v.0.3

Otro Sistema Operativo Instructivo - Other Simulator of an Operating System.

The Diary of an American Expatriate  v.

Have you ever thought of chucking everything and starting life over in a new country? This is the true story of Ilene Springer who tells you what it's like to leave the US at the age of 55 to start a new life in another country, while reluctantly leaving ...

Sound of an Image  v.1.1

Converts images to music in an interesting way. See what your favorite pictures sound like! SoundOfAnImage is written in Objective-C using both Cocoa (AppKit) and Carbon (QuickTime). I wouldn't exactly call this high-quality code; SoundOfAnImage is more ...

Birth Of An Apple Store  v.1.0

This widget displays images about the birth of thenew Apple Store in Boston.More info at

CoffeeCup Image Mapper

CoffeeCup Image Mapper has mouseover HTML capability, includes a fully functional image map wizard, and enables users to attach parts of an image to different links. Image Mapper can map any noninterlaced GIF, interlaced GIF, standard JPEG, and progressive ...

ToDoT start for Autodesk Inventor EN  v.1.0

ToDoT speeds up work when exporting drawings created with autodesk inventor to other formats, choosing all parts of an assembly or all drawings in a directory.

Components are shown on a tree-like view, as well as drawing found, user can select ...

Free Audio Dub  v.

Free Audio Dub is a free audio editing tool that helps you to extract parts of an audio track. The interface is absolutely simple and intuitive. It has the usual play-control buttons and two other buttons to help you move to the previous and next 'frame' ...

Handy ImageMapper  v.1 2

Handy Image Mapper lets you easily create and insert the unlimited number of rectangular, circular, and polygonal Image Map elements in HTML documents to arrange your web site navigation by means of images enabling to attach any parts of an image to the ...

Taponymous  v.

Taponymous helps you to censor critical parts of an image wherever you are and offers you the possibility, to save the censored image on your phone or to share it on facebook.

Follow Socialbit on twitter:
Become ...

Jericho HTML Parser  v.3.2

Jericho HTML Parser is a java library allowing analysis and manipulation of parts of an HTML document, including server-side tags, while reproducing verbatim any unrecognised or invalid HTML.

Logistic Ball  v.2.1

The game is about a little boy. Dreaming of an unusual dream in which he was the little ball...
This ball must be very clever, that would pass all the tests of his consciousness.
For the game will require the ability to quickly overcome difficulties ...

Pillars Of Hercules  v.

This game is also referred to (even in some parts of the game itself) as Atlantis Quest, which is, in turn, not free.

In the game, you must form groups of three identical tiles by swapping adjacent pieces with your left mouse button. The formed ...

The Omega Stone: Riddle of the Sphinx  v.

Sir Geoffrey uncovered a secret chamber and an ancient papyrus scroll that revealed the whereabouts of an ancient treasure!

Further exploration led to the discovery of another prophetic scroll, the contents of which unravels an ominous mystery! ...

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