Parking Lot Script Java


BMA Parking Lot  v.

This application has a very specific purpose: to give BMA employees a view of the parking lot. The image of the parking lot is updated every minute. This will hopefully allow BMA employees to appropriately make parking plans before arrival at the lot.

Hugo Script Java Project Manager  v.0.0.5

Hugo Script is a framework to create, build and manage Java projects. It's Jackartas' ant based, and use properties files to get information about the project. Can be used with NetBeans.


Intertraff Parking Manager  v.1.0

Intertraff Parking Manager is an ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) software which allows keeping track of vehicles entering and exiting a Parking Lot. Once installed and running Operator has the ability to monitor each vehicle's registration plate ...

Flash and Pics Control

Flash and Pics Control is an Internet Explorer add-on that allows you to easily enable or disable Flash, pictures, cookies, java script, java applets or ActiveX right from Internet Explorer. Having Flash and pictures disabled lets you reduce the amount ...

Where's My Car, Buddy  v.

Take a photo of the parking lot identifier and pinpoint your location so you can find your car later.

Car Finder  v.

Isn ’t it easy to forget where you parked your car in a vast parking lot or in a crowded city? Not a problem anymore, CarFinder is here to help you!

CarFinder is an application that guides you back to your car, no matter where it is. CarFinder ...

Find My Car Please  v.

Have you ever returned to a parking lot and thought… “Now where did I park my car?” Find My Car Please remembers where you parked and points you toward your car. Additional locations such as your home, office, or camp site can also be added. This ...

ParkingMadness  v.

The main goal in ParkingMadness is to escape from an underground parking lot. The player starts at the lowest level and works himself up to the surface.

The Game includes:
- 32 levels
- Lava-Pit's!!!
- floating Plattfomrs
- 6 ...

Simple DB Object Builder  v.0.2.4

DB Object builder is a simple tool which can generate a lot of Java source file for you.Each Java source file map to a table in your database. It is like Hibernate, but it is smaller than it and do not use any complex XML configuration files.

Parking Mania  v.1 2

Parking Mania is a simple flash game by Novel Games, in which you park the car in the designated area without crashing. If you crash the car, the game is over and you have to start all over again. It looks simple, but the controls are a bit confusing ...

Smart Java Error Fixer Pro  v.4.3.7

Smart Java Error Fixer Pro offers a hassle-free system tuning up. It finds errors related to your Java problems, custom controls, shortcuts, fonts, shared programs, and configuration files. We were pleased to find you can sort its search results--a useful ...

Parking Car  v.

Parking Car - Car Unblock

Added another 400 puzzles, now total 2000 puzzles for FREE!
Enjoy the fun!

Remember the status of Music and fix a couple of bugs.

New feature: Hint the solution is supported now.
Tired of sliding ...

CvSender  v.1 1

With cvSender you can do all it in a simple way and save a lot of time ...

TTParking  v.

The best application that helps you find a free parking space in big cities.
TTParking is the FIRST global parking system.
Have you ever been searching for an unoccupied parking space in a foreign city centre while you've been in a real hurry?
Have ...

Voix Manager Linux  v.1.0.3

What's new? Added: * OSX address book plugin integration * Http socket integration to manage call event from external application * OSX pause/resume iTune on incoming and outgoing calls via applescript * WIN32 pause/resume iTune on incoming and outgoing calls via vb script * PopUp on top for ...

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