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LibertyControl (For Palm)

Imagine having the liberty to remotely control your laptop or desktop with your Palm PDA or SmartPhone. This is
exactly the power that LibertyControl gives you, allowing you total control of your desktop using bluetooth
technology. LibertyControl ...

Learning Baby- Fruits  v.

The Learning Baby- Fruits app can help your baby learning fruits. It includes the pictures and sounds of 40 fruits, voiced by a professional voice artist. The app is suitable for babies and kids of all ages. A must have app for your baby to entertain ...


Palm Reader  v.

Chiromancy: The art of interpreting your personality just by looking at the palm of your hands. With this app, you will learn to interpret your OWN hand: we'll give you some guidance at what aspects of it to look for, and we'll deliver a precise description ...

ILearn Baby Flashcards  v.

iLearn Baby Flashcards app for Windows Phone helps your child learn while playing with a Windows Phone. With attractive graphics, colors and the voice of your ideal pre-school teacher, this app is for your 2 to 5 years-old.

Both engaging ...

Baby Expert  v.

*Updated* The best baby milestone app just got better! We've added milestones all the way to 3 years old! We also now have a due date calculator included when creating a baby profile!

Baby Expert provides helpful information through your pregnancy ...

Baby Monitor  v.

Why buy equipment in home monitor your baby? How about you always have your monitor with you and save space and money? Not only that you can hear your baby but also see how is the baby doing.

Turn your phone into baby monitor. The app will give ...

Baby Feeding Timer  v.

Keep track of the interval since your baby was last fed using this simple, handy app.
- Add a new feeding record with one touch
- Pin to start to see time since last feeding at a glance
- Review a list of recent feedings and helpful stats


My Baby  v.

My Baby App provides clinically proven and pediatrician recommended way to calm your crying baby. My Baby is a must have App if you have new born baby in your home. This app can be invaluable tool when you are at home or away from home.

It is ...

Spiritual Baby Names  v.

This app contains Alphabet Spiritual Baby Names.

Please rate this application.

Baby Pacifier  v.

This application comes handy when you have a crying baby around you. The app is used to divert the attention of the baby by showing a sequence of changing colors and also different shapes when the user taps on the screen. The baby’s attention gets diverted ...

Baby Milestones  v.

this app is useful for the persons who just gave birth to a baby.
this app helps then to see the growth of their baby.
montly tasks are there in it. and you can schedule the date to complete it. and many more!!
go through the app to find ...

Baby Plays Guitar  v.

If you want to take a few moments of a rest, you have to run this app on your phone, give it to your little baby and relax :)

Sounds were recorded using real classical guitar.

Baby Turner  v.

Was it left or right? A question that pops up a lot with your new born baby! Now with the Baby Turner App you don’t have to remember anymore on which side your baby was sleeping. The Baby Turner App is designed to remember this for you, by using a simple ...

Baby Footsteps  v.

Baby Footsteps informs parents about typical milestones
in a baby’s development from birth to the age of 2. This
app enables parents to keep track of developmental milestones and ensure that their baby is developing on schedule.
It presents ...

Baby Rattle  v.

Baby rattle is a fun app for your infant, toddler baby. It transforms your mobile into a rattle which babies love to play with. Shaking your phone horizontally will make a sound, shaking it vertically makes another sounds. It helps your baby's development ...

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