Ottawa Public Library


Canton Public Library for Chrome  v.1.0

Canton Public Library is a theme for Google Chrome. An understated exploration of the CPL logo, layered with transparency and using Canton Public Library's colors. Attractive without being distracting - buttons and UI elements are usable, with high-contrast ...

Library Finder  v.

Looking for a good book? Library Finder is here to help! This app uses your location services to help you locate the nearest public library anywhere in the United States. Libraries are visible on a map, and can be tapped for directions from your current ...


SmartSM  v.1.0

Smartsm is the world leading stock performance improvement solution which is revolutionizing the way many public library services procure, manage and promote their stock.

It is a proven product based on our powerful Evidence Based Stock Management ...

Minerva  v.5 2

Minerva is a program intended to help you in the study of almost any topic: create "study books" -or download them from our public library ( and include in them everything you'd like to memorize when studing languages, chemistry, geography.

Pulaskipubliclibrary  v.

A mobile app for the Pulaski County Public Library System.

Barcode Software for Library Books  v.

Advance barcode image maker utility helped enormous panicked customers who want to design customized book and magazine barcode labels for schools, colleges, universities, public libraries or general book seller shops for managing and recording various ...

1st Desktop Guard  v.3.1

1st Desktop Guard lets you prevent your desktop icons from getting rearranged, stop users from changing desktop wallpaper and screen saver, secure your public access computers, save, restore, manage and lock desktop layouts. With personal computers becoming ...

Generator music 02

A Fogler Library, University of Maine, Bagaduce Music Lending Library and Bangor Public Library. If you find a Price Cheaper not only will we will beat it we will give you a free adjustable piano stool. The Music Box sold More NEW Yamaha ...

MyPublicHotSpot  v.2.6.44

My-Public-HotSpot Features:
1. Unlimited Concurrent Users per Installation Location
You pay one license fee per installation location (e.g. hotel) no matter how many customers want to use your hot spot at the same time.2. Keep 100% of your profit: ...

Desktop Layout Keeper  v.2.7

Desktop Layout Keeper helps you secure your public access computer, save, restore, lock and manage your desktop layouts, including files and folders, wallpaper and screen saver. With personal computers becoming a part of our lives and everyone in household ...

FlashBoot  v.2.3b

Imagine being able to install an entire operating system onto a USB thumbdrive, so you can boot Windows from USB basically everywhere: at your home, at friend's home, at work, at public library or internet-cafe. You could carry your entire digital world ...

OverDrive Media Console  v.3. 2. 2010

OverDrive Media Console is a free application designed to use the OverDrive titles available for download at many public library and retail websites. Built with the user in mind, OverDrive Media Console makes downloading easy and convenient. It ...

My CyberCafe  v.9 3

MyCyberCafe is a complete professional software solution for management and billing for cyber- and internet cafes that allows you to control, activate, protect and settle your client-Terminals.

Main Features :

- Controls the time ...

Fast Compress Content and Anti Profanity  v.1.0

Compress Content works using an enhanced implementation of Zlib public library compiled with a highly efficient closed Runtime Library that targets an optimized use of the modern cpu superscalar pipeline offering a 300% speedup versus prior-art.

Trails  v.0.4.1

When a booklet is composed, you can choose to print, export (PDF), or upload it to the trails Public Library, and share your research trails with the rest of the world.Requirements:
* Firefox ...

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