Orcad Latest Release



The latest release added Cells.CopyRow,Cells.CopyColumn method;etc..


The latest release added more properties to the FormField class; Significantly improved functionality of find and replace (Range.Replace);etc.


Document Import Kit for SharePoint 2003

Our latest release supports SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Document Libraries in SQL store.


The latest release Integrated all of the features of Aspose.Mime into Aspose.Email;etc.

ECO for VisualStudio

ECO IV is the latest release of "Enterprise Core Objects", an application framework that allows you to take applications from design to implementation in a much shorter time. ECO enables you to easily implement your applications as business classes rather ...

Office Organizer  v.

9 is the latest release by TrialBest ltd. It is a freeware program for individual user, and a shareware when used for more people in an office, company, organization network. We can download it directly from the developer's website. It can be installed ...

NetVisualize Favorites Organizer  v.

5 is the latest release of this freeware program by Lucid Step Software. We can use it free of charge after downloading it from the developer's website. It must be pointed out that there is a registered shareware version called NetVisualize Plus, with ...

MetaProducts Links Organizer  v.

2 is the latest release of this shareware program by MetaProducts Corporation. We can evaluate this product free of charge for a 30-day period, by downloading the trial version directly from the developer's website. It has a small size, so it takes no ...

Clansuite Serverpack  v.0.2

It's an integrated Serverpack, combining the
latest release of XAMPPLite. This release of the serverpack uses the new build script for the windows environment created by Florian 'xsign.dll' Wolf . The release brings two major changes.
Firstly, ...

ZENcast Organizer  v.2.0

01 is the latest release of this freeware utility.
It has been developed by Creative Technology Ltd. We can download this product directly from the developer's website. It contains three utilities: Zencast Organizer, Sync Manager, and Video Converter.

Fasphere  v.

All users have been accounted for in its latest release, for the less-technical users that prefer a simple interface all fields have been labelled and if you hover over them will explain in detail their function. For the more technically-able audience ...

Rubicon ToolBox  v.2. 4. 2001

Rubicon Toolbox is the latest release of the Rubicon suite of software tools for practitioners in the field of pavement design and analysis software. Rubicon Toolbox is programmed in the new, powerful Microsoft .NET framework and allows users to build ...

Aquarius Soft PC Alarm Clock Pro  v.

5 is the latest release of this shareware program by Aquarius Soft Pte Ltd. There is a trial version available from the developer's website. We can select to download it as an exe file or as a zip file. We can evaluate it for 30 days. This software is ...

NotesMedic Toolkit  v.7.0

The latest release contains the following features:

-Clean up Lotus Notes when it crashes, and then launch Lotus Notes with a single click.
- Ability to launch Lotus Notes version 8 classic client (-sa)
- Kills all processes using ...

Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express  v.9.0.30729.1

Continuing the Microsoft tradition of enabling developers of all skill levels, this latest release enables hobbyists, students, experienced and casual developers alike to create cool, fun applications. The Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Express Editions ...

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