Operative System


The LaptopLock  v.0.94

The application installs itself deep into your operative system. Then, it gives you several actions that you can set for your computer in the case that it gets stolen. Now, for this application to really work, you need to set up an account on the website.

ScanToWeb  v.

2a is an utility developed by Seiko Epson Corporation supported by the following operative system: Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME.
It can be downloaded directly from the developer's website and it is very easy to install and use ...


PC Medkit  v.

Windows registry is a database containing information about the configuration settings of this operative system. When we install or uninstall a program, or modify any of Windows' settings, all these changes reflect in the registry, which can become bulky ...

DK Finder  v.2. 1. 2003

The Windows Explorer application, which comes built-in with all Windows operative system, has proved over the years to lack advanced options. Thus, when the user needs to do anything other than copy a file or paste one, he finds himself at a loss for ...

BK  v.

Volume Shadow Copy service support (if enabled and running on your operative system).
4. Software compression.Requirements:
* NET Framework ...

Android  v.

Now you can have the Android system in your windows phone to cheat your freinds that your windows phone hold that operative system.

TweakPrefetch  v.

"Clear Prefetch" function is included: it will empty the Prefetch folder, forcing the operative system to rebuild fetch data (or not to create them at all if Prefetch has been disabled).Just launch the software and it will load up instantly. It has the ...

Enchanted Fairy Friends - Secret of  v.1.0

Most important for the program to run smoothly is that we have a computer with an operative system based on Windows XP/Vista, a sound card, DirectX, a video card, a CD Rom drive, 256 MB. We can visit the developers website for full information before ...

OmniFormat  v.

The OmniFormat will DELETE the original files on convertion so you have to keep the original file out from the Watch Folders, otherwise the apllication will make you angry!!
The Install OmniFormat as a service button will set the application as a system service, running in a background basis and launching on operative system startup.

Splashup Light  v.1.0

This is also an Adobe Air application, so you can use it on Windows, Mac or any compatible operative system. Splashup Light's graphical user interface is really simple, and it allows you to use the application without going to menus. You can open, edit ...

WebKut  v.1. 2. 2002

Since this is an Adobe AIR application, it works on any operative system that supports Adobe AIR. The application itself is nice, but the limitations that I mentioned make me not trust this a lot. Also, other screen-capture applications are more complete ...

Start++  v.1.0.815

You can search from the start menu and from many fields all throughout the operative system. Start++ makes the whole experience of having that field a lot much fun. With it you can create aliases that open applications when you type a word in the search ...

Magic Transfer  v.2 3

The program will make a backup of your current Windows configuration and the main settings of your operative system and applications such as your email client, bookmarks of your browser, etc. just in a few minutes. In addition to this, the application ...

HandyBits File Shredder  v.

For example, when you delete a file, you only delete the part of the file that tells the operative system where that file is, not the actual file. By using Handybits File Shredder 5, you can write random information on those sectors up to 15 times. The ...

Ownerfix  v.1 4

The program will autodetect the type of operative system you have and fetch
the correct data and show it in the textboxes.Write data in the textbox into the registry. You do not need to reboot your operative system to see the changes.

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