Old Acer Games


Sounds of old TV games  v.1.0

Sounds of old TV games is a VSTi format plug-in for Windows, which adds the sound and atmosphere of old tv games recordings to your tracks and mixes. The purpose of the plug-in is to add sounds typically found in old tv games. For this goal, Noise has ...

Adventure Bug  v.2.9

A classic platformer in the spirit of old console games. Advance through the levels, jumping on the heads of enemies and collecting coins. A small bug got lost and can't find his way home, and he needs your help. Traverse green lawns and dangerous caves, ...


Bible Adventures  v.1.0

Segabandonware is a site aimed to rescue many old Sega games that are no longer available for purchasing. Bible Adventures is one of such games. Although it was available originally as a cartridge for Sega consoles, this version has a built-in simulator ...

Where'd My Space Go  v.

Find out what old programs, games, demos, or downloads are still there filling up your hard disk space. You can see at a glance where your space has gone.

Pacnewman gratis  v.1.0.1

The pacnewman 2009 arcade game old style.Play with our game and enjoy fascinating moments.The sound and graphics remember the old arcade games, the speed of this games is really fantastic.I'ts not necessary to run a setup, use arrows key to move pacnewman ...

PixelDraw  v.

Pixel Draw is an app that let's you make pixel graphics like those in old school games. You can choose the size of your canvas and whether to show the lines. After finishing you can save it as an image.

Tip : Press and hold the color button to ...

RetroBoy  v.

For those who want to rembember how it feels to play old puzzle-games on the GameBoy !

Tetris-like game.

Music theme by Dragor : http://soundreaper.newgrounds.com

Update: sound fix, minor bugs ...

Distant Galaxies  v.

Fun and easy to play classic space shooter that tries to keep the same style of old school games from the 80s-90s. Final bosses, extra weapons and the ability to upload your score and share it with the rest in the World Ranking. This game will be updated ...

Alpha Strike  v.

Amazing jet shooter similar to old arcade games like 1942.
Fly a variety of jets, including the F15 and Tomcat through missions all over the world.
Upgrade your jets after each mission with money earned from taking down enemies. You'll pickup ...

ScrebbleDeamon  v.1.0

ScrebbleDeamon is a simple utility which can help you to store the score from the desk Scrabble game and enables you to analyze all old stored games. ScrebbleDeamon also shows the time limit for every player. You can create unlimited number of players ...

NitsLoch  v.2.2.1

NitsLoch is an RPG inspired by several old computer games. You can collect weapons and items and attack enemies in different cities.

Retro Game Pack  v.1.00.05

The Retro Game Pack is a collection of 9 classic games from the early days of Dataware. The games included in the complete version of the Retro Game Pack are Ant Attack, Find the Flag, Fire Fighter, Letter Drop, Letter Drop 2, Sliding Puzzle, Stamp Pad, ...

Space Pong  v.1.0

This time there are new otherworldly backgrounds which make the old school games feel fresh again. Space Pong gives young players a wonderful opportunity to experience one of the great classics.

Race Cars The Extreme Rally  v.

The game somehow resembles to old racer games where you got a bird's eye view of the track when you race it. It is really simple: you just have to use the four arrow keys to control the car and one to reset the car in case you are stuck. You can have ...

Zen of Sudoku  v.32.0

Graphics are bad comparing to other releases by Oberon Media, as well as music and sound effects that seem to be taken from some old amiga games.
Well, lets explain the game a bit more deeply. Right after launching the game, we find a menu in which ...

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