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TibiaTek Bot  v.2. 3. 2001

It contains features such as: macros (auto eat, spell caster, fishing, cavebot), informative tools, fun tools, and a lot more.
It is written in Visual Basic .NET®.
Main Features :
- Fastest Auto Looter (8 items looted in 1 second)

Microsoft Office Accounting Express  v.2009

Microsoft has released a free Accounting program on the lines of Intuit Quickbooks and it is called Microsoft Office Accounting Express. It is a successor to the Office Small Business Accounting 2006 (SBA). It is a desktop based software and is designed ...


Fun Stuff  v.1.0

Never forget, always obey spam laws and alsways use fun tools.

Mousotron  v.9.1

Mousotron is basically just fun, but it can also be a very handy tool in RSI prevention (Repetitive Strain Injury) or the rehabilitation of it.
Now supports all major languages.

OlyKit Software  v.1.0

Investment Tools: broker, chart, currency, currency trading, finance, foreign exchange, forex, forex currency, forex software, forex trading, investment, online forex, price, quote, stock, stock market, stock quote, stocks, trading, value.

Accounting ...

Ashampoo UnInstaller Platinum Suite  v.

Unfortunately, not all of them can be uninstalled completely by the uninstall tools along with them. In addition, some software have not the uninstall tools at all. Also some users simply doesn't use uninstaller! They just delete the application program ...

All Medical Icons  v.2015.1

Are you feeling tired of stock icons which ship with Windows? Do you want a set of desktop decorations that make the computers in your medical workplace more unique? Many people decorate their office space with photos and trinkets to help combat mundanity, ...

Smart Label Software  v.

- Business and Home Office Products Division. is the Software - office productivity tools, including the full line of Smart Label Printers, replacement Smart Labels, parts and accessories.

TruEdit 3  v.3.0

About TruEdit 3Familiar tools, faster productionInCopy and InDesign were built using the same technologies. And if you re familiar with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator you ll feel right at home with InDesign and InCopy: the programs share common ...

NeoOffice 2.2.5 patch  v.1

NeoOffice is a fully-featured set of office applications (including word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing, and database programs) for Mac OS X. Based on the office suite, NeoOffice incorporates dozens of native Mac features ...

Ashampoo UnInstaller Platinum 2  v.1.0

Includes two modes, Easy and Expert, with a new suite of powerful tools.

Ashampoo Uninstaller Platinum 2 not only allows you to properly eliminate programs from your hard drives, but will also let you install software properly. You will also ...

Toolbox Plus - Free!  v.

Toolbox Plus is an easy-to-use collection of seventeen useful and practical tools for your phone.

It includes a stop watch, an event timer for up to six events, world time, easy tip calculator, sale price calculator, date calculator, unit ...

TRUEreq  v.1.2.0

The centralized TRUEreq workspace provides integrated communications and information tools that can be shared by all your team members, and helps all stakeholders focus on making better products, more quickly, efficiently, and at significantly reduced ...

IDress  v.1.3

No need to use a bloated office application. Just pick an Address Book group, pick a template, and click ?Go?.Whats New in this Version- Added support for US POSTNET barcodes on labels and envelopes- Added the ability to select any installed font for ...

CopyPaste-X  v.1.6b5

Creating useful, fun and essential shareware for Macintosh and Windows since 1986 including CopyPaste, iKey, iClock, KnowledgeMiner, iSay, iWatermark, Project Timer, iBeenFramed, idTunes, iSay, iStar Karaoke, Easy Card, NetCheck Mount Watcher and ChatFX.

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