Object Names


ORACLE Object Search  v.1.4

The Program ORACLE Object Search is a professional tool that can be used for searching all database objects, columns names, object names and Oracle Application Express (Apex) for a phrase entered by a user.

The basic features of the program ...

Learn Hindi  v.

Kids will love learning alphabet, number and object names with this vibrant colorful easy to use application. Innovative quiz mode, helps in learning fast by eliminating wrong answers.


ABC123  v.

Prepares your child for kindergarten! Kids will love learning alphabets, numbers, colors, Month, week names and object names with this easy to use application. Alphabet and numbers vibrant background colors will appeal to your kids visual senses.

Intuitive ...

ApexSQL Refactor  v.2013.04

Refactor SQL Server 2012 objects including FileTables

- Support for all Visual Studio versions: Format and refactor SQL code in Visual Studio 2012, 2010, 2008 and 2005

- Split table: Improve your database design and make large tables more manageable by partitioning them

- Advanced SQL formatting: Create custom formatting profiles and share them across your team

- Customizable options: Layout your SQL code with over 160 customizable options and preview the impact of the changes

- Impact analysis: Preview the impact of changes with difference highlighting

- Expand wildcards: Transform * wildcards into explicit lists of column names

- Qualify object names: Qualify columns ...

ApexSQL Complete  v.2013.03

This free SSMS and VS addin can quickly reference the object’s script and description inline, format keywords and fill in fully qualified object names automatically, highlight SQL coding errors as you type.

With ApexSQL Complete you can ...

DbForge Data Studio for SQL Server  v.2.00

It speeds up code typing process by reducing the amount of database object names to memorize and code itself to input.

Visual query builder for SQL Server
Flexible tool for visual designing any queries you need.You can easily build statements ...

Autodesk MapGuide SDF Loader  v.6 5

- Allows object names, keys, and links to be generated automatically by DBMS column name or fixed text.
- Supports creation of SQL or CSV files.
- Provides option for generalizing map data by percentage.
- Requires separate installation ...

Apex SQL Clean  v.2011.01

- DDL script for object colorizes referenced object names to allow you to visual spot the dependencies. - Users have the ability to create file search pattern to analyze all files of a particular language or project (i.e .cs, .vb, .frm, .aspx, .pas, ...

OpenAFS for Windows  v.1.5.75

Most importantly it permits non-Western languages to now be used for file system object names in AFS from Microsoft Windows operating systems. Now that Unicode names are supported, Roaming User Profiles and Folder Redirection will no longer fail when ...

LiveDoco  v.1.2

Search database object names and extended properties Selectively export your database metadata/structure: As XML with an optional XSLT transformation As SQL extended properties export script Export subsystem is extendable so you can add your own export ...

Crystal FLOW for C++  v.4.59

Line up object-names in successive declarations. Line up assignment operators in assignments. Split and indent long expressions as per operator precedence Transform hard-to-read code into very readable code. Improved code readability. Detect errors easily ...

Crystal REVS for C++  v.4.59

Object and Stack Size Various Compiler Support Code is Easy-to-read: Auto-Formatting of Code and Comments. Line up object-names in successive declarations. Line up assignment operators in assignments. Split and indent long expressions as per operator ...

Planetary Conquest Updater  v.1.7

) German translation available (not completed, object names and tutorial missing) Restyled setup dialog Memory requirements reduced Better usage of MacOS events Preparations for OS X.

FmPro Layout Diff  v.1.38

5 layout object names for an entire layout. Large layouts are instantly resized and printed on a single printed page for documentation and development. FmPro Migrator - Migrate FileMaker Pro, Bento, Access, SQL Server Databases (supporting MySQL, Oracle, ...

First Names 2006

First Names 2006, print high quality personalised scrolls, greeting cards etc. based upon any first name, choose from many different designs to produce the perfect gift for friends & family. * Easy to use Interface * Each print out includes the Origin, ...

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