Nokia Full Touch Game


Police Supercars Racing  v.1.63

Choose your supercar and help police to battle against crime!
Download Police Supercars Racing free full version game and start playing now!
Sun City is the city of the future, but the rising crime rate makes this place dangerous for living.

Air Hockey Game

Free air hockey game that will give you hours of non-stop action. A must for NHL hockey league fans to play in between games. This is a full featured game with no restrictions. You can adjust the difficulty level from beginner to expert and it automatically ...


Pocket Party Game  v.

Draw, gesture, and describe your way to victory with Pocket Party Game - a full party game experience on your phone.

Word Wiz, Art Attack, and Silent Suggestions are three classic games all wrapped in one. Draw blind folded, do charades with ...

Dodgy bird  v.

Dodgy bird game is a classic and very addicting one touch game. Guide the cute bird through a sky full of danger and dodge sticks and other obstacles.

If you like action games like Copter, Falldown , "bird" games then this game is for you.

How ...

TileSnake  v.

Have fun with this classical Snake game with all the delightful colors of the Windows Phone tiles and a full touch control ...

Deadly Race  v.1.53

3D combat racing game in post-nuclear setting.
Download Deadly Race free full version game and start playing now!
In the beginning of 21th century global energy crisis wakened World War III. A lot of cities were destroyed and people abandoned ...

BLZ Extractor  v.

BLZ Extractor is a tool for retrieving the contents of the Nokia N-Gage game containers (files with 'BLZ' extension). Since these games run not only on N-Gage, but also on other Symbian-based smartphones, they are very popular, keep in mind, however, ...

Ant War  v.

If you are an innate strategist, this is a cool game you will definitely love! Ant War 2.1 is what you were looking for: full of game options to better map out your strategy, you will get hooked. As the anthill manager, you can choose from 5 different ...

LoanMod Carson Mansion Puzzle  v.1.0

A fun 108 piece jigsaw puzzle with full in-game controls. Some advanced piece shapes in this puzzle so this game is really aimed at intermediate to advanced puzzle solvers. Novices and beginners will get plenty of fun too although the complexity is definitely ...

Cheap hotels Puzzle  v.1

A nice 70 piece jigsaw puzzles with full in game controls. Some advanced piece shapes in this puzzle so this game is really aimed at intermediate to advanced puzzle solvers. Novices and beginners will get plenty of fun although the complexity is definitely ...

Playa!TraX Gaming Media Player  v.1 81

You launch a full screen game, Half-Life 2 for example, Playa!TraX on its own will immediately start playing your Half-Life 2 playlists and loads a configuration (which you define) that allows you to control the music (probably through a few keys on ...

Space Catch  v.

Space Catch is a simple yet addicting game bound to keep you (and your fingers) busy!

Things people have said about Space Catch:

"It's so much fun and so easy to play!" - Brandon

"A simple one touch game that keeps me busy where ...

3D Snake  v.

The classic snake game evolved into a full 3D game! Enjoy the classic snake with the power of your 3D Windows Phone!

More updates and levels coming soon!

U-minesweeper  v.

Here is U-minesweeper, a full Minesweeper game to play alone or in networks.
U-minesweeper is:
-4 Difficulty levels and custom mode for infinite lifetime.
-A multiplayer mode on the same phone or online with players from all around the ...

Dizzy Bee Icons  v.1.0

Included in this icon set are some of the memorable characters from the tilt-based iPhone/iPod touch game “Dizzy Bee” by Igloo Games. There are 32 icons, 16 from “Dizzy Bee”, 16 from “Dizzy Bee 2”.

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