Nightmares Dreamscapes


Dreamscapes Screensaver  v.1.0a

Dreamscapes features digital art in full vivid color to enhance your screen and take you to places where fairys, dragons, unicorns and other surreal creatures might be found. Your imagination will soar as you travel with us through our dreams.. Dreamscapes! ...

Desktop Dreamscapes  v.1.0

Replace your static desktop with a living, 3D window into outer space! Visit distant star systems, beautiful alien worlds and even a black hole. This software has both a screen saver and desktop background.


Traffic Nightmares  v.1.0

Are you driving down a busy highway or are you driving in your sleep? Either way, you're in a traffic nightmare! Use the missile in your "James Bond" car to clear the way through cars, police cars, trucks and motorcycles!

Hidden Secrets - The Nightmare  v.

'Hidden Secrets - The Nightmare' is a pretty cool game in which you'll travel into the main character subconscious, helping her to get through her nightmares. The game begins with an introduction to the story. It turns out that our protagonist - a young ...

VLite  v.1 9

Without the possibility of removing features within its instalation Windows Vista can become the reason of your Nightmares, but here comes Vlite to rescue us.
Vlite 1.2 allows you to create unnattended Windows Vista installations, remove everything ...

Foreign Dreams  v.1.0

A friend of yours, Victor, is suffering from recurring nightmares and needs your help. As a person with paranormal abilities, you decide to explore Victor's dreams, or nightmares in this case, to gather information and try to figure out what is going ...

Spirit Soup - The Queensbury Curse  v.1.0

Shorty after you arrive, however, you begin to have recurring nightmares and are afflicted by the curse of Queensbury! Lift the dangerous curse by following an ancient recipe and concocting a fresh batch of the cure in Spirit Soup: The Queensbury Curse, ...

ActiveXLS  v.5 1

avoid nightmares caused by OLE/ADO
4. minimize server load
5. make your job easier
6. increase user satisfaction with Excel reports
7. get results in minutes ...

Episode 1: Lighthouse  v.

Through space, dreams, nightmares and ...
Each episode adds new game mechanics.

Hint: some episodes will be free, but they can not be completed without that.

Teedee  v.

About the game:

Are those nasty monsters invading your dreams and turning them into spine-crawling nightmares? Don't worry, the answer to your problem is closer than you think! Grab those plushies tight when you go to sleep next time, they're ...

Nightmare Shooter  v.1.4

Do you ever have vivid nightmares? This shooter will amaze you with its uniqueness and make your nightmares come true. Download, play, and rock out to the max!

Anxiety Diary

From comes Anxiety Diary v1.0, a user-friendly electronic mental health diary system that can be used to log daily events, appointments, monitor therapy, keep track of medications and chart the progress of your recovery. Records can ...

Office Cyber Alert  v.5.04

What seems to be harmless personal use of your company's computers can lead to time consuming and costly legal and security nightmares. The statistics speak for themselves. Don't let your company become one of them. You need to keep a closer eye on what ...


Your first impressions are that this mission will be just like any other, but you really have no idea what nightmares future events have in store for you...

Music is from the famous Russian rock band named 'SLOT' and our own tracks in 'dark ...

Stellar Phoenix NTFS  v.2 2

So buy a copy of Stellar Phoenix NTFS Data Recovery software and stop getting data loss nightmares. Demo previews recoverable files, 24 x 5 support & 30 day guarantee. Supports Vista and other versions ...

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