Nfsaxe Windows Nfs Client And Nfs Server


NfsAxe Windows NFS Client and NFS Server

Windows NFS Client and Windows NFS Server. nfsAxe NFS-server can be installed on any Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP workstation to share your local drives and folders with other networked users, no matter which operating system they are running on their ...

Axessh Windows SSH Client and SSH Server

Axessh is a Windows SSH client. It is a superb terminal emulator/telnet client for Windows. It provides SSH capabilities to Axessh without sacrificing any of existing functionality. Furthermore, Axessh has been developed entirely outside of the USA, and ...


GLoarbLine Client and Server  v.1.9.6

GLoarbLine is a feature-rich, stable, safe and free client and server suite based upon the GNU General Public Licensed "Openline" source code. GLoarbLine's underlying architecture follows the original Hotline protocol. As such, it functions just like ...

Windows Ampache Client  v.1.0.4 Beta

Windows Ampache Client is a basic music player which allows you to browse the music library on an Ampache server, set up a playlist and stream music on-demand. Play audio files with this tool. To use it you just select the server, enter your credentials ...

DeskNow Mail and Collaboration server  v.3.2.17

DeskNow Lite is a mail and collaboration server. In addition to standard SMTP and POP3, it offers Web-based collaboration tools such as advanced Web mail with spam filtering, document management to let users store and share documents online, unlimited ...

Enceladus Web and FTP Server Suite  v.2.6

Enceladus Server Suite - Enceladus is a Internet/Intranet Web and FTP Server for Windows, provides secure file sharing on any network! Provides the average user with a easy-to-use, complete, Turn-Key web and ftp server solution for most Intranet/Internet ...

Connect and Shar Server  v.1 1

Using Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) or any proxy server to share one Internet connection or modem across your local area network ? Now you can control your Internet connection and modem from any machine.

Main features:

Open Source HELD Client and LIS  v.20090415

A HELD client and Location Information Server are included.

STUN Client and Server  v.0.97

This project implements a simple STUN server and client on Windows, Linux, and Solaris. The STUN protocol (Simple Traversal of UDP through NATs) is described in the IETF RFC 3489, available at ...

Active Directory and File Server Auditing Tool - ManageEngine ADAudit Plus  v.4.5

It helps IT Administrators to audit and track the changes in Windows Active Directory. Changes in Users, Computers, OUs, Groups, Domain Policies and logon activities are audited and reported from a central web console. ADAudit Plus is completely web ...

OMRON Toolbus OPC and DDE Server  v.1.0

The Klinkmann Automation OMRON Toolbus Communication Server (hereafter referred to as the 'OMRTOOLBUS Server' or 'OMRTOOLBUS' or 'Server') is a Microsoft Windows (95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP) 32-bit application program that acts as a communications protocol Server ...

FESTO IPC OPC and DDE Server  v.1.14.000

The Klinkmann Automation FESTO IPC Communication Server is a Microsoft Windows application program that acts as a communication protocol Server and allows other Windows application programs to access data from FESTO FST Industrial PCs (IPCs), e.g. FEC ...

123 Web Messenger Windows Desktop Client  v.2 1

* Technology
123 Web Messenger is compiled with a Flash chat cilent and a full-featured Java server.
* Integration and auto-login
It seamlessly integrates the existing database of your website. The "invite chat" button is embeded into ...

MacroPhone Voice and Fax Server for ISDN

All ISDN processing happens on your server's ISDN hardware (CAPI based ISDN board or TA). The client computers (user workstations) do not require ISDN hardware, but redirect their requests to the server instead.

Windows 8 Tips and tricks  v.

Track all news, tips and tricks for windows 8. You can store and share information also.

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