New World


Democracy, Fascism and the New World Order  v.

The powers it has assumed, together with the powers of corporations, represent a 'new world order' that respects neither freedom, the individual, the vulnerable nor, in a true sense, the rule of law.

Please Note that the book is stored on your ...

HR New World Trade Center Puzzle  v.1

Help rebuild the World Trade Center with this fun and challenging puzzle ...


Atlantis The New World  v.1.0

All voices and texts in English!A dreamy trip to AtlantisTHE ADVENTUREIn 2020 in the desert of Hoggar, a young Egyptologist is looking for a building that the Ancient Egyptians built. There, she meets a Touareg who apparently ...

Bubble Bobble World

The action takes place in a totally new world filled with cunning and insidious monsters with a mission to cut their journey short But they have a magic ability to blow bubbles which can entangle their enemies inside of them. Once the enemy is trapped, ...

Delta60 Accounting Software

Delta60 has a new World version and a new graphical user interface. Delta60 is an integrated Accounting Software Package that includes: A/R, A/P, Invoicing, Partracr Inventory 6.0, Paymastr Payroll 2.0 and General Ledger. The World version adds flexibility ...


Try new world-puzzle game absolutely for free. Play Wordz! and tickle your brains. Enjoy classic crossword basis with simple swap-and-match gameplay. Test your vocabulary and spelling skills, feel yourself a detective, swap letters and decipher new words! ...

EXERD  v.2.3.1

eXERD will offer you a new world of modeling.

eXERD supports editing physical properties – including reverse/forward engineering from/to Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, and MySQL.

-Inline WYSIWYG Editing
-Naming ...

GoonzuEng  v.5 4

GoonZu takes you to a new world created out of the ashes of the old, and in this rebuilt civilization you create your own community.
But this new Luminary world has drawn some lessons from human history, establishing a government based on democracy ...

Stendhal  v.

Are you looking for adventure? Want to fight for riches? Develop yourself and your social standing? Meet new people? Do you want to be part of a brave new world?

Stendhal is a fully fledged multiplayer online adventures game (MMORPG) developed ...

PacFish  v.3 2

Are you looking for a new game, but you want it to make you remember the good old classics?

Look no more! With PacFish you have to get ready to dive into a new world! An underwater world with a feel like the PacMan classic.

PacFish ...

The Lost Kids  v.

After getting abducted by a spaceship with a disturbed alien on board, their only chance of escape resides by escaping the ship and travel through a deadly new world. Each kid got their own abilities and they shall to put their powers in common to cross ...

ZNRO  v.6.0

Come explore a brand new world, where valkyries soar up high across the cloudless sky singing their songs of grace, while demons roam free on the lands below, terrorizing everything in their paths. A world where brave mens are plenty, walking the hero's ...

DeskART  v.

DeskART is the program that allows your artistic side to
explore a whole new world of CNC possibilities.
- DeskART will import a BMP, GIF, JPEG, WMF, or TIFF image.
- Convert the image into a 3D DXF Surface Mesh of 3D faces ...

Infinity USB Unlimited  v.2 81

Infinity USB Unlimited: The brand new Infinity USB Unlimited brings a whole new world of possibilities to you. It is a pure USB programmer that enables phoenix over USB by directly supporting the most popular phoenix-based smartcards on the market today.

Logical Journey of the Zoombinis  v.1 1

Travel to a remarkable new world and treat your brain to an outlandishly fun and challenging adventure. Diabolical Bloats have seized Zoombini Isle, and it will take a clever mind to help the Zoombinis navigate their way to safety. Standing between you ...

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