Nasa Earth View


Earth View  v.2.0

ch, this widget allows you to choose between several viewpoints of the earth, then look at the sunlit… live! You can choose: * Images refresh rate * Images source * Several viewpoints of your choice WHAT'S NEWWhat’s New in this Version - no more skin ...

NASA Image of the Day  v.

See the Latest and Greatest from NASA and view their mind blowing daily images. This app provides a direct link so you can view the amazing images from NASA.


EarthOrbitObjects  v.5. 4. 2003

Earth Orbit Objects is free program which predict satellite passes for your local or any selected area. Use flat Earth view to display satellite tracks with visibility circle.

The globe view shows selected satellites around the Earth as a ...

Aurora Monitor  v.

With the Aurora Monitor app you can monitor the space weather and view webcams for live aurora (northern lights) images.

- View live webcams
- View the current aurora ovals on the earth
- View the latest alerts and warnings ... 3D Earth Screensaver  v.

Let your desktop take you on an incredible journey into space! Marvel at planet Earth, receive weather forecasts and view times anywhere in the world. Zoom or rotate the Earth and watch storms from the safety of your home.

Main features:

NASA Image2000  v.1 1

The purpose of NASA Image2000 is to provide a host-independent image processing system for students and educators using tutorials.
The core plug-in architecture allows the system to be expanded to accommodate other segments of the imaging community.

Gnomon Model  v.1.0

The EJS Gnomon model simulates the shadow cast by a gnomon (the part of a sundial that casts the shadow) over the course of a day for any day of the year and any latitude on Earth. The software gives you the option to use mean Sun (which moves relative ...

3D Weather Globe & Atlas Deluxe  v.2.0.5

The award-winning 3D Weather Globe series adds a new dimension in this Deluxe Edition with 3D close-up views of the earth. You don't just look at the Andes mountains from above — now you can tilt the Earth view so you can fly through them. With realistic ...

WindRosePRO  v.2. 3. 1945


- Loads AERMOD surface meteorological files
- Loads ISC3ST meteorological files
- Loads EnergyPlus Weather files- Loads raw data as CSV or MS Excel files
- Loads data as frequencies
- Calculates crosswind, headwind and tailwind, and evaluates the correct orientation of a runway
- Date/time filtering according to year, month, day of the week, hour of the day or day/night hours
- Possibility to read a third variable within the MS Excel file
- Saves plots as BMP, grayscale BMP, JPG and PNG
- Exports wind rose plots as DXF for CAD environments
- Exports wind rose plots as ESRI shapefiles for GIS environments
- Exports wind rose plots as KML files for Google Earth. View the example ...

Exoplanet Detection: The Radial Velocity Method  v.1.0

In the simulation the star-exoplanet system is shown as seen from Earth (edge on view) and from space (overhead view), and with the star and exoplanet sizes not shown to the scale of the orbit. In addition, the Fraunhofer lines are shown.The radial velocites ...

Stars 3D  v.

You can start by observing a three dimensional map of all the stars within 16 light years radius around the sun and then switch to Earth view to visualize how this 3D map projects into the night sky that we see from our planet. The program offers a great ...

Picturethrill  v.

Support for other platforms coming soon! FEATURES: Download button: TE downloads images from selected sites, like Bing, National Geographic, NASA, etc. View Folder button: TE open folder where images have been downloaded in Windows Explorer Advanced ...

WindRose PRO  v.3.1.0

Plots can be saved in BMP format or exported in DXF format for CAD environments, as shapefiles for GIS environments and as KML files for Google Earth. Numerical data can be exported as text files or as Excel files. WindRose PRO will allow the user ...

Solscape  v.1.2.1

Solscape also monitors current Solar flare activity, Earth view satellite images, Solar geomagnetic activity, and Aurora activity. Solscape gets all of its information via the Internet and compiles it in a single, easy to use application. You can save ...

Living Earth Desktop  v.

Living Earth Desktop is a cool desktop wallpaper and screen saver.Images are based on NASA's 'Blue Marble' and 'City Lights' satellite pictures.Using it you can see live view of Earth from the space;Weather info on the map;Real time clouds;Day and night ...

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