Name Containing Letters


Remove (Delete) Lines In Multiple Text Files Software

Remove complete lines, lines containing certain characters, blank lines or certain line numbers from one or many files.

Cruiser Geo2IP  v.1.0.1200

City Name) to IP range segments and query IP/IP Range to geography information .
Cruiser Geo2IP determines IP range, continent, country, state/region, city, US postal code, IDD code, DMA code, latitude, and longitude information for IP addresses, ...


Contacts Factbook  v.

Developed by Betim Drenica

It would be interesting to know which is most used first name or last name in your contacts, top companies that your contacts work for or number of contacts with picture etc.
These and many more interesting facts ...

Password Generator 2.1

The program generates mixed-case passwords containing letters and numbers at your discretion. Download Password Generator now.

Password Generator 2.0  v.2 1

The program generates mixed-case passwords containing letters and numbers at your discretion. You can copy your password to a .txt file or to the clipboard. Password Generator is very easy-to-use. Just click the Generate Now button and the program will ...

MLtree  v.1.0

] [-s scalebrlen] [-o ming|newton|uphill] [-h] [-r num]where:
-f = file name containing the tree description
-t ntaxa = number of taxa
-d ndata = number of data characters per taxa
-m model = which model to use (Mk1, Assym2p, CO2, ...

Quake 3 Name Changer  v.

Q3NC (Quake III Name Changer) is a utility that allows you to design your own fancy quake 3 name along with colours and fancy letters. Not only can you make colourful names, but you can see what it will look like, using the preview window.

Personalised Letters  v.

Create your very own personalized Father Christmas (Santa Claus), Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny and Valentines letters and stop here signs. Enter ANY first name(eg. Laura) and this Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Santa Letter software will then generate a personalized ...

MB Parent-Child Name Compatibility

MB Parent-Child Name Compatibility is a very essential as well as significant tool for you if you want to check the compatibility between parents and children. This parent child compatibility software is of immense value to you even if you are yet to ...

First Name Almanac  v.12.0.0

First Name Almanac is a Windows program that lets your computer create suitable-for-framing printouts about the meaning of any name. The standard edition can print the meaning of a single name or two names side-by-side. It does not have enabled Mugs and ...

Personalised Letters - Christmas  v.1 5

This is a plug-In that provides some Christmas templates and can be additionally downloaded for the Personalised Letters program.
CREATE YOUR VERY OWN personalised Father Christmas (Santa Claus), Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny and Valentines personalised ...

Baby Name Creator  v.

Let us inspire and entertain you! Are you tired of searching the web and books for ideas? Have your family and friends already taken all of the "good" baby names?

Baby Name Creator generates random sequences of letters. Just set the starting ...

Find Folders By Name Software  v.7.0

This software offers a solution for users who want to find folders containing specific characters in the folder name. The user simply chooses a drive or folder to search, enters the characters to be searched and chooses to use match case or not. There ...

Instant File Name Search

Instant File Name Search is a free software especially designed for filename searches. Instantly find files by name, part of name or mask (*.xls, pic??.jpg, *shrek*.avi etc.) on your PC or LAN. You can use AND/OR/NOT operators to perform advanced searches.

Domain Name Generator  v.1.0

Download Free Domain Name Generator Software Developed By This Domain Naming Software Can Generate Thousands of Short, Memorable And Keyword Rich Domain Names Within Few Seconds. This Software Just Needs A Keyword From You. Using That Keyword ...

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