My Personal Translation


My Personal Inventory  v.1 40

My Personal Inventory is a simple and rather old application for organizing your personal belongings. The program is divided in two categories, namely, Personal Property Inventory and Financial Listings. The two of them offer the same options, although ...

My Personal Screen Saver  v.1.00

Create your own screen saver! My Personal Screen Saver already includes a selection of beautiful images, original music, and uplifting quotes. But you can add your own, and change it completely!

Twenty original photographs from the Canadian countryside ...


My Personal Diary  v.

My Personal Diary lets anyone keep a private diary, journal or log for personal or business use, but that's not all... Entries are stored in an encrypted file with optional password protection and can contain formatted text, pictures, sounds and even ...

My Personal Timekeeper  v.1.0.0 Beta

My Personal Timekeeper is a small tool that will allow you to enter 5 days worth of "In" and "Out" times. It will then total the individual days and then give you a total for the week.
07:00 | 11:30 | 12:00 | 15:30 = 08:00
07:30 ...

My Personal Favorites  v.

Is your computer accessible by others? Do you browse the Internet at work? My Personal Favorites is a unique and essential privacy utility that keeps your favorite sites hidden from prying eyes, maintains user names and passwords in encrypted files, organizes ...

My Personal Translator  v.1 46

Language Translation Software allows you to Translate Word Documents between 14 Language Pairs. You can even Translate Foreign Web Sites while surfing. Translate Text, RTF and Microsoft ...

My Personal Screensaver  v.1.0

Create your very personal screensaver from your favourite images or photos! And then.. share it with your friends!. Darkworks 2.0.

MpLDAP - My personal LDAP  v.1.5.1

MpLDAP is a tool for querying any LDAPv3 servers. In your intranet you may query your ADS/Exchange server. Configure base dn, filters, attributes etc. The result is sent to browser as HTML or as CSV-file. Languages: english, german, french.

My Agenda  v.

My personal Agenda - This is an address and phone agenda, with phone list, birthday listing, search all, automatic phone dialing and several options. This is the one I use and always have used for my own addresses and phone book. It was first created ...

Recover My Documents  v.7.00

Recover my Files, Recover Files, Recover Unsaved Files: Download files recover Software at

How to recover connection Deleted files, recover my Word files? notice files - what program is needed? How to recover my Word files?

) ...

JAT's XEmacs setup files  v.1.2

My personal XEmacs setup files - .emacs, .vm, .gnus, etc., plus small elisp packages not bundled withXEmacs and extra bits of elisp used in my setup, as well as a small collection of info files.

XReminder Pro  v.

What I found it very astonishing, when I am unable to remember the birth date of my close relatives or even of my family member. I have done much research in cyber market to find a unique solution of my problem, and I have done it. xReminder Pro is a ...

Sports betting champ 2.0  v.2.0

What would you give up to have this kind of a lifestyle?"

Well, it's time to stop wishing! My friend, you're now just one click-button away from exploding your income doing all that I can and more by spending just 5 minutes a day betting on my ...

Recover Files Recover Files RG LLC  v.3.24

What is my personal Best road to recover files, what is the file come back software?

Recover files with Recover Files And Today, recommended by Microsoft Corporation as the best document recover software for many of both and office servers.

Join (Merge, Combine) Multiple PDF  v.7.0

In the absence of proper documentation, follow these few caveats based on my personal experience. If the files to combine have different page formats and sizes, this variety will be preserved in the newly created file. However, all presentation ...

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