Muzik Disco


Disco DJ  v.3.6.5

Disco is dj mixing software which is designed for "live" mixing. It comes with real-like interface, emulating appearance of standard dj hardware.Features:- Dual Audio Player with cue/nudge/fastforward/pitch/pitch bend functions.- Internal 2 Channel mixer ...

Disco XT DJ  v.6.0

Disco XT is a DJ Software for creating a continuous stream of music from several music songs. Songs are transitioned gradually from one to another to make song changes less noticeable. Disco XT is designed for real time live use and includes plenty of ...


Disco XT Basic  v.6. 1. 2007

Disco XT Basic is a free reduced version of Disco XT for beginners.

- Dual Audio Decks
- Supports USB Headphones for Headphone Listening
- Supports USB and Firewire Audio Interfaces for
- Headphone Listening

Disco Lights  v.

Out at a party with pumping music but no lighting to go with it?

Cue Disco Lights

Tap to the beat to teach Disco Lights how to move to the music, then you're away! Dance with Disco Lights providing full visual effect.

Rotating Disco Ball Light with Multicolor Rays  v.1

(Only disco ball); - Adobe Flash CS3+; - ActionScript 2; How to change a length of rays? Double-click the "Completed light ball" movieclip. In the code on the first frame, locate the 2nd line of code: "alpha = "2"; -set this value from 0 to 2 to change ...

Disco Fall Down  v.

The classic game of reflexes... fall through the holes before you hit the ceiling!

Tap the left side of the screen to move left, and the right side to move right.

Harvey Wallbanger

You're Harvey Wallbanger, the hottest dude to hit the disco scene. Show everyone what you have as you move across the dance floor, movin? and grooving your way into the Private Back Room. This game features awesome 3D graphics, over 100 dance clubs and ...

Party Styler

Every time is party time! Party Styler - your personal party styling consulting! Whether a trendy party, a meeting with the friends, a disco, a cocktail party, a carnival, a Halloween, an official event or even a wedding a good look is all you need for ...

Recuperar Dados  v.

Como recuperar arquivos excluídos software facilita usuários com featurte extraordinária para rapidamente restaurar todos os arquivos e pastas importantes perdidas de todos os principais tipos de dispositivos de armazenamento de dados de mídia, incluindo discos rígidos, dispositivos de armazenamento de mídia removível, memory sticks, cartões de memória (como SD card, Mini SD card, MMC, xD Picture card etc), câmera digital, drives USB, pen drives, pen drive, pen drive, os jogadores de música, Mobile Phones, disco rígido externo e ...

DJ Booking  v.2 6

The DJ booking software is designed to manage your bookings whether your a club or mobile disco. The DJ Booking software has been written by a DJ, for DJs, it works equally well for a single DJ / Disco or an agency with many DJs on the books. The DJ Booking ...

BronColor Studio  v.2. 2. 2000

The application can be used to parties, events, movies, disco and so on. The application is free to install and download. While starting a demo mode you can observe the multitude of options.

Online.FM radio  v.0.2.7

FM radio is a Firefox addon, enable you to listen to the radio in Firefox, 18 unique music channels: Trance, Party, Disco, RnB, Latino, Classic rock, House, Relax, Ukrainian rock, Ukrainian pop, Ukrainian folk, Romantic music channel, Kinder and two authors ...

Color_Flash  v.

can be used as Disco lights, for a friend performing a dance, and anything else.

MetroColour  v.

MetroColour turns your phone into instant disco. Let a rainbow of colour metro tiles randomly appear and change on your screen. Trial is fully functional advert supported. No adverts when purchased.

Nate & Frenchy's T-Shirt Time Machine  v.

Oh no! Nate’s Life Partner Frenchy has gone missing! He made a wrong turn at the wormhole and is trapped somewhere in space and time!

Your job: climb aboard the Magic Disco Time Machine and take your chances in the space time continuum to see ...

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