Multiple Regression Cpp


Multiple Regression Analysis and Forecasting  v.1.0

The Multiple Regression Analysis and Forecasting template provides a solid basis for identifying value drivers and forecasting business plan data. While it utilises a range of commonly employed statistical measures to test the validity of the analysis, ...

Regression Analysis and Forecasting  v.3.0

The Multiple Regression Analysis and Forecasting template enables the confident identification of value drivers and forecasting business plan or scientific data. The multiple regression process utilizes commonly employed statistical measures to test ...



Despite the fact that many phenomenon in physical or social sciences involve interaction between causal factors, it seems that very few researchers using multiple regression or structural equation modeling techniques do investigate for the presence of ...

Neurax Pro  v.4.0

Multiple regression and neural network systems usually look at individual horses . one at a time.

In contrast, Neurax Pro uses proprietary Simulated Annealing Technology. in a more global approach where the race is analyzed as a whole taking ...

RdaCca  v.1.0

redundancy analysis (Rao, 1964) and canonical correspondence analysis (ter Braak, 1986, 1987), using multiple regression followed by direct eigenanalysis. The method of calculation is described in Chapter 11 of Legendre & Legendre (1998). This software ...

Probe Deeper PHP  v.0.1

Probe Deeper PHP will provide class libraries for simple and advanced statistical analyses, including multiple regression, forecasting, hypotheses testing, etc.

QTL Macro for SAS Software  v.2.1.00

This is a SAS(r) Software macro package for performing multipoint QTL mapping using the DeFries-Fulker multiple regression approach to unselected and selected samples.

ESBStats - Statistical Analysis Software

Statistical Analysis and Inference Software for Windows covering everything from Average, Mode and Variance through to Hypothesis Analysis, Time Series and Linear Regression. Includes Online Help, Tutorials, Graphs, Summaries, Import/Export, Customisable ...

StatistiXL  v.1 8

Tests provided by statistiXL include (but are not limited to), Analysis of Variance, Cluster Analysis, Contingency Tables, Correlation (Simple, Partial, Multiple and Canonical), Linear and Circular Descriptive Statistics, Classification and Grouping ...

CoStat  v.6.400

- CoStat has ANOVA, multiple comparisons of means, correlation, descriptive statistics, analysis of frequency data, miscellaneous tests of hypotheses, nonparametric tests, regression (curve fitting) (new.gif world's best subset selection in multiple ...

SPC XL  v.

From within Excel you will be able to access many statistical tools including Control Charts, Cpk analysis, Histograms, Pareto Diagrams, MSA, Regression, Hypothesis Testing, and much more.

Tunnel Assistant  v.2.0

An AI module is used to assess stability using an expert system technique, fuzzy logic, neural networks and statistical multiple regression methods. Results are compared to a database of constructed underground works.
Calculate in situ and tangential ...

ESBStats TRIAL  v.

It provides you with many statistical procedures and routines like Deciles, Grand Mean, Quartiles, Standard Deviation, Residuals, Geometric Mean, Hypothesis Analysis, Linear Regression Analysis, Multiple Regression Analysis and many more. ESBStats is ...

ProStat  v.5.50.00101

- easy to learn, easy to use with step-by-step guided tutorial lessons
- a wide range of statistical techniques
- data interpolation and regression
- experimental model builder
- multiple regression and stepwise regression

WorkSheet Manager  v.1.0

The Worksheet Manager is a powerful utility that allows you to list all open Excel workbooks, display all worksheets and chart sheets in a selected workbook and quickly select a worksheet or chart sheet of interest. To access, click SigmaXL > Worksheet ...

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