Msn Alert Sounds


SMSAlert  v.1.0

But no phone has SMS message alert (message tone) assigning to the contact.

Now you can assign desired SMS alerts to the contact or group of contacts with our SMS Alert application. You?ll always recognize the SMS message sender, as the tone ...

KinkyBeepII  v.2.0.3

KinkyBeepII is a synthesizer to create the various sounds. It is suitable to make the effect sounds or the alert sounds. You can create dynamic, weird, wiggly, or natural sound, etc., with an easy operation. And you can use the sounds that you make as ...


Easy Timer Freeware  v.2.5

It has a very simple and minimalistic interface: Just set in how many minutes or at what exact time it should alert and press activate - done!
What makes Easy Timer special is that it's fully customizable. You can set up the alarm sound (choose from ...

TogglesInTray  v.2.1

System tray icons light up and an audio alert sounds whenever you press these keys. You can specify a WAV file or simply use your computer's standard alert tone. Automatically activate any of these keys at start up and eliminate frustration.

Sound Builder  v.3.0.1

The sounds that you create is your work. You can use your sounds as alert sounds for Macintosh, sound effects for multimedia works and music projects, or can edit with other sound editor, because you can save the sounds as AIFF files. You will also find ...

ProdMe Widget  v.1.0

In addition to traditional clock chimes, ProdMe also provides the option to play a sound at any time interval, using any of the available alert sounds. Great for anyone who finds that time tends to slip away faster than expected. Features: Chimes can ...

SleepMute  v.1.1.2001

Don't let your computer disrupt a quiet shared space with unwanted alert sounds at all hours of the night, let SleepMute keep the peace!Features:? Mute and unmute when the screen saver start ...

WackyB Status/Voice Alert Plugin  v.1.0

WackyB Status Alert give you total control over the status alerts of your Yahoo messenger friends list. Configure individual sounds not only for each friend but also for each action (Online/Offline/Status Change/New message). Choose from a library of ...

USB Alert  v.

It sounds and shows an alarm if you lock or shutdown your computer while the USB stick is still connected. USB Alert is freeware for personal use. It is very easy to use and also has a friendly interface.

No Ping Alert  v.1.0

No Ping Alert can ping a particular IP address or host name at regular intervals and sounds an alarm if the server has not responded after a particular time. You can optionally have it launch an external software when the alarm fires as well. Configure ...

Classic Sounds  v.1.1.1

Classic Sounds will bring back the classic alert sound panel of Mac OS 9 to your new Mac OS X!It contains all those classic sounds like Quack and Wild Eep. It also can install the classic sounds in your macosx alert soundbank. MaisonSonique.

MSN Chat Monitor

MSN Chat Monitor is a network visibility tool to capture conversations of a MSN chat in your local network.
It consists of a well-integrated set of functions that can be used to records MSN conversations automatically when your PC starts.
You ...

MSN Display Picture Adder

The MSN Display Picture adder allows you to quickly import any folder containing images into MSN Messenger as Display Pictures. Allows for quick and effortless adding of new MSN Display Pictures, such as downloaded picture packages. Once you have the ...

MSN Winks Remover

The MSN Winks Remover is a tool to quickly delete all Winks installed to an MSN Messenger user's account as MSN Messenger 7 does not provide an easy way to quickly remove Winks. You just enter your sign-in name to instantly delete all the Winks you installed.

MSN Messenger 7.5 InfoPack

The MSN Messenger InfoPack provides you with the information on the latest MSN Messenger 7.5 Beta. The report contains detailed information and screenshots. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required, just extract and view the PDF file.

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