Moving Objects


Track It BI  v.1. 1. 2003

It detects moving objects, follows them, zooms in (if supported by camera) and if no more action is present it moves back to it's preset position. You can adapt almost any setting, from object detection resolution, movement trigger threshold, wait times, ...

Camera Burst  v.

Use camera burst to capture fast moving objects, or just take multiple photos for someone and then decide which one is better.

Don't worry about people closing their eyes, or camera focus.

Pin the start capture tile to your start screen, ...


Illusions  v.

This application provides you an incredible set of best ever eye tricks to deceive the eyes and bend the mind:

Moving objects
• Funny illusions
• Impossible objects
• 3D paintings
• Hidden faces
Includes many ...

Kordil Navigation Pro  v.2

Kordil Navigation Pro is precision positioning software designed for positioning of ay kinds of moving objects such as ships, vessels, barges, cars and trucks. Supports NMEA positioning messages and NMEA heading devices. It allows installing other types ...

LayerLifter  v.1.0.2

This simple tool offers an alternative method to using the layers palette for moving objects between layers. First select one or more objects on a spread, and then control-click, and pick a destination layer from the LayerLifter context menu.

Art Revolution 9 Sea Sunset Screensaver  v.4 1

All moving objects are rendered in real time. Enormous amount of parameters can be adjusted on your preferences. This screensaver works as animated desktop wallpaper under Vital Desktop extra application, included in package. No spyware, no adware. Uninstaller ...

Carnival Shoot Out  v.1.0

Hit as many moving objects as you can! Get enough points to advance to the next level! Use your mouse to shoot the target,different things will give your different scores,Must be quickly as you can. This game is free.

Illustrator CS5 102  v.1.0

Moving Objects Between Layers09. Hiding and Locking Layers10. Combining Layers11. Creating Template Layers12. Creating Animations with the Layers Panel13. Targeting Layers to Receive Effects14. Moving and Nudging Objects15. Scaling and Rotating Objects16.

Animate Me!  v.2.2

Animate Me! creates GIF and AVI animations on the base of predefined effects (such as moving objects, small particles, running text, wave, shake, appearance, explosion, changing brightness).

Program features:
- loads background ...

AKVIS HDRFactory  v.1.0

These "unwelcome guests" (semi-transparent doubled passersby, cars, tree leaves, etc) are a result of combining source photos that contain moving objects. HDRFactory will help you to remove these artifacts without a trace.

AKVIS HDRFactory ...

MyGpsDesk  v.1.0.9

'My GPS Desk' is a computer program designed for monitoring of the trajectories of moving objects in real-time, storing and analyzing the data collected. GPS trackers or cell phones with GPS function can be used as devices supplying information about ...

Zulu's Zoo  v.32.0

Scenes are very well-done, featuring a combination of static images with some moving objects and realistic sounds that create the perfect atmosphere. If you need help in finding an object, you can use the hints, which are represented by stars that you ...

Optris PI Connect  v.1 8

Main features:
-No limitation in licensing
-Complete remote control of the thermal imager
-High degree of individualization for customer specific adjustments
-Extensive online and offline analysis
-Automatic process control
-Temperature date analysis and documentation
-Video recording and snap shot function
-Linescanner function for measurement of moving objects with limited ...

Tourists Remover  v.

All you have to do is to make several shots where people (or other moving objects) cover different areas.

Stitcher  v.5 1

Remove artifacts (such as moving objects and flaws), add hotspots to link to other images or the web, and set the panning horizon.Output, Batch and Power FeaturesOutput to industry-standard, high quality formats. Create panoramas in batches. Save time ...

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