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ClipMasterCM  v.1.1.1

ClipMasterCM is a solution to a problem of accessing and organizing various bits of frequently used information as text, pictures, movies, sounds, etc. It allows you to save current clipboard content for later pasting. You may collect and organize information ...

Apimac Slide Show  v.8.0

Apimac Slide Show is a slide show and presentation tool for multimedia files, movies, sounds and images. It is fast to learn and easy to use and it's available for Mac OS X and Windows. Apimac Slide Show lets you personalize a presentation, adapting it ...


PC Recovery Software  v.

net to download PC Recovery Software that helps to user for retrieving formatted office documents, audios, videos, songs, movies, sounds, texts, etc from corrupted hard disk which were formatted due to power cut, human mistakes, software crash etc.

Free Resource Extractor  v.8.5.6

Free Resource Extractor, a free and handy utility to scan all DLL, EXE and OCX files and extract built-in resources like icons, bitmaps, cursors, sounds, AVI videos, HTML files, metafiles, etc. Free Resource Extractor can even extract useful resources ...

Free EXE DLL Resource Extract  v.2.6.9

Free EXE DLL Resource Extract is a free and handy utility to extract resources like pictures, icons, cursors, movies, sounds, HTML files, etc. from EXE/DLL/OCX/CPL files and system files for design, drawing, editing, video producing and more.

Free ...

PCMate Free Resource Extractor  v.6.6.1

PCMate Free Resource Extractor is a professional icon and resource extractor program that scans & extracts built-in resources like pictures, photos, icons, cursors, AVI movies, sounds, HTML files, etc. from EXE/DLL/OCX/CPL files and many other executable ...

DDVideo DVD to Walkman Converter Gain  v.4.9

if checked "EnableGain",makes all your dvd movies sounds at the same level.each video or music will improve their level to make sound brighter,clearer and more enjoyable!It supports mp3gain,mp4 gain,audio gain,dvd gain,video gain,audio normalize.

DVD Region+CSS Free  v.5 90

Enables direct menus, movies, sounds, etc. to be played without any advices. It works directly from the play program, not needing to save data in the HDD.

GRATIS soporte en Inglés de por vida vía e-mail, alrededor del mundo ...

KIPPING's NetMan  v.2.00

pictures, movies, sounds....). The program imports the actual page of a running Browser and analyses its content - extracts the links that match with the specified filetypes. It also follows the contained links. The program archives the downloaded documents ...

Samsung PC Studio  v.

MMS Composer (Compose multimedia messages)
Allows you to make and edit multimedia messages using content such as photos, movies, sounds and text. The multimedia messages produced using MMS Composer can be saved to or sent via the connected Phone.

Athenaeum Light  v.8.0

Version 7 introduces storage of almost any electronic media within the catalogue (pictures, movies, sounds, .pdf documents, etc) as well as up to 4000 times larger catalogues than before.New reporting options allow administrators more financial reports; ...

HyperNext Studio  v.3.83

Play movies, sounds and music.Full range of commands for text processing and maths.Easy networking for sending/receiving messages/data.RBscript for computationally intensive tasks.RBscript is a compiled version of REALbasic by REAL Software Inc.Includes ...

ClipDoubler Free  v.1.0

ClipDoubler Free supports text, pictures, sounds, movies, and many other resources. ClipDoubler Free can both open and save Clipping files, and it can create internet shortcuts as well. You can put the contents of text and graphic files onto a clipboard ...

EDeezy Family, Multimedia Book Publisher  v.2

Your photos, your movies, your voice, your preferred music, your comments... are all integrated into multimedia books on the shelves of your eezyBooks library.On the shelves of eezyBooks, you will find a small document explaining how to make of a personal ...

Salvage my Files  v.

com to download Salvage my Files utility that helps to user for retrieving formatted songs, movies, sounds, texts, office documents etc from flash drive.

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